1. silversmith75's Avatar
    Hey every one... i don't start to many threads. mostly cause some one has said it before me.. no need to start another.. but this one has just got to be said...imo

    what is it with people on ebay.. i was looking to pick up another z10 nothing special.. i am a bit of a techie and i like to fix stuff.. seen a few with broken screens and what not.. so i thought i would like to give it a go and swap out the screen. i have watched all the videos, read as much as i can found replacement parts.. all i had to do was find a broken z10...

    i never thought it would be so difficult.. my fists attempt at acquiring a busted zed.. found one a verizon, broken screen check!!! phone won't boot red light comes on and thats it...so i thought well i could give it a try and replace screen then try to reload os... then i looked at price $160.. i thought that was a little steep for something that might be a brick..then i noticed the shipping $40 plus $25 import fees...then i noticed at the bottom. sale was for phone only no battery or back door..

    who in their right mind tries to sell a busted phone for $225???? seriously is it me or am i missing somthing... so i passed... the next phone i found $50 better, broken screen check.. phone boots up.. but touch won't work.. ok... camera broken... might be difficult.. but i was willing to try... then i check the shipping..$300... i wrote the seller to see if it was a typo or if he was really trying to rip people off...it wasn't a typo..... so anyway, i am still with out z10 to try my had at fixing....

    but is it me or is it sellers.. why would anyone in there right mind buy a phone with no case, no battery and doesn't turn on and a cracked screen for $150... plus shipping, and replacement parts.. plus unlock fee if its another carrier?
    02-11-14 03:43 AM
  2. 5parkey's Avatar
    With the price of the phone so high some/most people don't read all the description that the seller has put and for that starting price they think it would be fully working.

    As for the start price 50 and shipping 300 sellers avoid final fee from ebay ,as they don't pay a fee on postage/shipping

    Always ask questions as I was looking for a second phone not blackberry A1 condition etc etc, when I asked questions like does it work and what network it was on ,never had a reply then read his/her FB after person that bought it neg him/her as phone never worked.

    Buyer beware
    02-11-14 04:00 AM
  3. silversmith75's Avatar
    ya i have noticed alot say its damaged,but are vague on what the damage is.. i have noticed one seller takes pictures that are really difficult to see the damage.. and actual uses a stock picture of a zed instead of the phone it self... shady shady...
    02-11-14 04:15 AM
  4. Baconwich's Avatar
    I got a Q10 with a bad keyboard for around $250 from 2ndturncanada-as-is | eBay with $5 shipping, though they're shipping within the same country. $250 for a Q10 with a bad keyboard is pretty good since the keyboard itself is a $20 replacement part.

    Haven't checked them for Z10s, but I feel they'd have fairly reasonable prices? ETradesupply has screens going for around $40 now, which is pretty great.

    If you want to go all out you could get Blackberry Z10 LCD 4G RED Screen Digitizer Assembly Complete Housing | eBay which comes with the screen and limited edition replacement casing, get a really beat-up Z10 and salvage just the motherboard and camera.
    02-11-14 07:35 AM
  5. silversmith75's Avatar
    thats what i have been trying to do but no luck so far... a red one would be cool...
    02-11-14 11:12 AM

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