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    I have had my Z10 since day 1. I loved it from the moment I saw it. So Sexy. And yes it is a slab, and has similar looks to some other phones. But the Blackberry and the bottom makes me shiver...LOL.
    The keyboard is beyone belief. It does take a while to learn and use all of it's features. The phone has already captured my slang, family names and most of my work language. I can easily send a long email, or message with limited keystrokes.

    The hub is well designed, and again ( last time mentioning this) it takes time to get to know the phone.

    I did find the battery lacking during the first week, however it improved greatly after several days after that. The first software update also has addressed this issue - solved it.

    The apps are limited, as this is a new OS. There are lots there already and more ever day.

    The camera low light issue has also already been taken care of. The time shift is a neat feature as well.

    This platform is something special and I expect that the negative people will keep trying to complain about things that don't work. The bell update is supposed to load the custom apps and media specific to Bell. I love the Remember app/evernote intergration.

    Ultra Pros: The BB10 OS. The QNX kernel process is untouchable, it is a superior platform that is stable and very secure in its operating structure. It has nowhere to go but up. The HUB and Peek feature. This is seamless and very easy to use. All my accounts (email, Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, BBM, Text, Notifications...list goes on) are there, or not, my choice. Notifications (led, sound ect)

    Pros: Keyboard (best in class). Processing Speed. Multi-Tasking. Phone Sound Quality. Screen/Video Quality. Cloud Intergration ( various - Box, Evernote). Video BBM - Awesome! - calls playbooks as well. Email push to Z10 and Playbook. Blackberry Balance - Nothing touches it. Camera Time shift Features. Bluetooth links with my truck is flawless for phone calls, and voice directions to texts, and calendar appointments ect - still finding more uses for it. Sharing data/pics/websites/documents is to notch and easily done.

    Expected: BBM, Text, and contact integration with calendar and appointment apps. Documents to go.

    Slips: Playbook bridging is lacking. This is due to the differences in OS10 and the PB 2.X OS. This is getting updates as well. I fully expect full functionality very soon. I do miss my BBM and SMS from my playbook. Some android apps drop. This will change with the Jelly Bean Emulator Upgrade. Low Light Camera usage ( fixed with update). Battery life is an issue for some (again fixed with first update) It is very important to fully charge the battery before using. This is very hard to do as this phone begs to be used. Lack of notification led colors and sounds, unable to fully customize contacts ect from the get go, however, easily fixed with a few downloads and third party apps. Blackberry needs to update this. Voice (siri like emulator) needs data connection to work, was hoping for an internal process for calendar and memo use - hopefully something coming with an update.

    Cons: No memo intergated app (torch 9800) Contacts did duplicate on my playbook - was a pain, but I did fix them up. Missing Skype, Netflix, and some others - This to me doesn't matter, but to a large group of users it does.

    I am sure I missed some pros, cons ect. I tried to do the best I could. Hope this helps.

    Please post further information to what I have posted here.

    Be Kind Rewind.
    I recommend this phone. It does take some time for you to learn about the phone, and for the phone to learn about you. When this synergy becomes meshed, it is an awesome experience.
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    03-02-13 07:03 PM
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    Good honest review. I've also had the phone since the first day it came out. I agree with you on mostly everything. Just waiting for some of those big name apps.

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    03-02-13 07:06 PM
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    I almost returned my Z10 because of the lack of apps. But I had to remind myself that I went into the purchase knowing of the compromise. I love the phone and am a huge BlackBerry fan. I'll be patient and wait on the banking apps and Facebook to integrate the share feature.
    05-04-13 10:13 AM

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