1. Squiz101's Avatar
    So I've been using my Z10 for well over a year and I've taken loads of pictures that I offload to PC. On the PC I use VuePrint 8.0 Pro/32 Edition to view the pics and make quick edits. I updated the Z10 OS to and now all new pictures I take will not open with VuePrint, in fact, it crashes. All old pictures open fine. Any suggestions to fix? (please refrain from suggestions such as "trash VuePrint and use something else" etc.) Thanks.
    08-21-14 06:15 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I won't suggest you trash the program you use/like but I would suggest try using another viewer just as a test to see if a new/different program can handle the older versus the new files. If on Windows, try the free and incredibly powerful Irfanview. Again, just a test - it can also show you the programs, colors, pixels, etc so you can compare the older files with the newer ones. I really don't see that they changed jpg formats???? But anything is possible?

    Why do you save your photos, internal memory or sd card?
    08-21-14 10:42 PM

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