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    Down here in Puerto Vallarta... staying at a rented condo.

    The condo has a nice Sony big screen TV with hdmi in. It also has wifi but the wifi is quite... ermmm... flakey... so I got myself a Mexican 3g simcard for a few bucks.

    I plugged in my PlayBook via micro hdmi to play some videos while guests were over during cocktail hour. Somebody asked if I had a certain music video, I went onto youtube, found it, downloaded it onto my Z10. Plugged the phone into the tv and played the requested video. Cool.

    But here's the really fun part: while the videos were playing from the phone, someone else asked if I had another video. I didn't want to interrupt the one playing, so I grabbed my PB, connected it to my Z10's mobile hotspot, downloaded the video onto the PB, and as soon as the Z10 video was done, I swapped the hdmi cord back the PB and played the newly downloaded one.

    Continued taking requests and swapping like that till it was time to go for dinner. Quite fun. Very entertaining.

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    01-28-14 09:55 AM
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    Nice! A great example of how good these devices really are.
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    01-28-14 10:10 AM
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    Nice! A great example of how good these devices really are.
    Yes indeed and still functioning almost 3 years in... and rockin' it I must say!

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    01-30-14 05:37 PM

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