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    I've had the z10 for at least a month now and so far I'm very satisfied. Was previously thinking of getting the q10 but this keyboard has become better and better. But I do have a few questions I haven't able to figure out myself.

    1. Anyway to remove twitter or Facebook from my hub? I use Blaq and rarely use fb altogether. And yes I have them shut off in the hub display but they won't leave.

    2. Anyone else having issues with the native maps app? It seems whenever I mute voice assistance it constantly shuts down.

    3. Last but not least I'm currently on every time I plug into computer, blackberry link says to update to the same version. What's up with that?

    Thank you
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    05-13-13 01:22 PM
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    1. Yes. Open Hub, tap the 3 dots in the lower-right corner, select Settings, Hub Management, scroll down to the FB and Twitter options. Turn them off.
    2. I have not seen that but I only used the voice once and did not try to mute it.
    3. That might be that you have removed some of the apps your carrier pushed and it wants to reinstall them.
    05-13-13 01:27 PM
  3. aboldcurve's Avatar
    I already shut them off in the hub and then restarted the hub using the 5 swipe trick. Still showing.

    @ChrisJaam : pin:333D5AD8
    05-13-13 01:31 PM
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    1. System settings > Accounts > Twitter > Delete

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    05-13-13 01:32 PM
  5. aboldcurve's Avatar
    I've done that two! I'm try to get the actual Facebook and Twitter category out of my hub itself. Beginning to think that's unavailable? When I deleted the app is just brings toy to the website but will still update you on your interactions

    @ChrisJaam : pin:333D5AD8
    05-13-13 01:35 PM
  6. knighty2112's Avatar
    Turning off twitter /facebook/BBM etc only turn off any notifications from them showing in the main hub. You can still go into other parts of it and see any notifications still. It doesn't get rid of them from the listing.

    Maps has just had an update so upgrade it and try that.

    Update BlackBerry Link. That might be causing the issue there. Currently the latest version of BB Link is at V1.1.0.37.

    Whoosh......careful! Z10 in action here! : )
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    05-13-13 01:46 PM

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