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    Well, I got a free defender Otterbox when I bought my Z10 a few weeks back. As a lot of you would agree, it's by far the worst Otterbox design out there. Covers the BlackBerry logo, gestures are a pita especially the up-swipe. The screen protector is way too bulky and either makes the screen too sensitive at times or not sensitive enough. It really effected the performance of the phone. I decided to first remove the screen protector and applied an invisible shield screen protector. Absolutely love this cover, and it comes with everything needed to apply it right in the package. You wouldn't even know the phone has a screen protector on it. Next I carefully notched out the section of the case to reveal the BlackBerry logo. This not only makes the case more pleasing to the eye, it helped immensely with the up-swipe gesture. Now I don't recommend hacking up you're Otterbox if you just payed down full price for it but if you got it for free like me this is a great option.

    Z10 Otterbox Defender-moddeddefender.jpg

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    12-08-13 04:00 PM
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    Nice job! I was hoping they would redesign the darn thing. It is horrible and after a couple hours of use I had to remove it. The 9800/10 was bad with the top part breaking very easy but the z10 is just >_<
    12-08-13 05:16 PM
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    Why not go the extra step and notch out circle on back cover to expose the BlackBerry logo on back of phone?

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    12-08-13 06:15 PM
  4. Ghostma77's Avatar
    That would be cool too but wouldn't improve the operation of the device. Notching the bottom out made gestures much more effective!

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    12-08-13 06:18 PM
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    How do you notch out the section of the case to reveal the BlackBerry logo?
    12-08-13 06:31 PM
  6. Ghostma77's Avatar
    I used a grinder then sanded, then heated up the edges to bring the smoothness and colour back

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    12-08-13 06:57 PM
  7. anon(5639363)'s Avatar
    12-08-13 07:13 PM

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