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    Anyone else using the GroupMe app from Amazons store on the official 10.3 release? It wont let me attach images (button is greyed out) and doesn't always update. I've found that several apps from the Amazon store either run with slight malfunction or won't launch at all. I've never owned a non-BB smartphone and I was hoping 10.3 would save the BB format for me but it's been really disappointing.

    Also, is there any use at all for BBM if you don't know others that use it? I have never known another BBM user (outside of my wife who defected to Android last year). I mean, you cant run your texts through it can you? Or messages from any other app?
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    03-17-15 02:08 PM
  2. roll2tide's Avatar
    Update: I am now using the one from the Google play store and it is fully functional.
    05-11-15 07:38 AM

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