1. Sam Fiza's Avatar
    somebody help!!!!
    01-15-14 07:24 AM
  2. Arun Nambiar's Avatar
    1. Check if your charger is working from the same plugpoint on another phone.

    2. If it is, wiggle it around.

    3. If still not luck, reboot and yank out the battery and repeat.

    4. If that also doesnt work, your charging port might be defective and you need to get your device replaced.
    01-15-14 07:29 AM
  3. Sam Fiza's Avatar
    I have done all that still no luck, nothing is happening the is just dead. I even tried another battery from another Z10 still no luck
    01-15-14 07:57 AM
  4. talberry's Avatar
    Is yours a new device? Or has it only recently started not charging?

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    01-15-14 08:45 AM
  5. Sam Fiza's Avatar
    i bought it new 4 months ago, it stopped charging and not turning on a few days ago.
    01-15-14 09:19 AM
  6. talberry's Avatar
    Hmm, could be something wrong with your battery.. Maybe you can send it to a BlackBerry store to have it looked at.

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    01-15-14 09:58 AM
  7. Arun Nambiar's Avatar
    Agree. Sounds like something needs to be replaced for sure.

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-14 10:24 AM

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