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    Holy smokes! Paired up quickly and has the best sound! Car has Harmon Kardon sounds and being hard of hearing is usually a bummer. Not anymore! My Mini's dash even has a button for " 8 most used" and another for the "8 last called" people! Hands free phone book too. Automatic pairing when jumping in the car; phone rings even if cruising along with the radio off! I'll add a couple of pictures to this thread tomorrow...
    Edit: Add pics...

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    12-12-13 02:27 AM
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    When I paired my z10 to my ford ,car gave me a four/five digit number to put into my z10 before it paired,I use a parrot bluetooth for my mini S
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    12-12-13 02:40 AM
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    Z10 and a MINI, awesome combination,

    You have great style.

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    12-12-13 06:18 AM
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    Seems to work very well if compatible. My Evoque gives me last ten called and last ten received + all hands-free functionality. Cuts all other sounds when I receive or dial a call -- even the sound of the blinkers!
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    12-12-13 06:48 AM

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