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    I was staying in a hotel with a swipe card for a key. I picked the swipe card up with my phone holding the swipe card to the back of my phone and my Z10 logo on the back scanned it, as if to try and read it. What is this for, can you use it like a swipe key instead of needing one??????
    02-28-14 07:52 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Both use NFC technology. Your hotel key can not open your phone and your phone probably can't do much with your hotel key BUT they both use Near Field Communications in order to work and that is probably why your phone made a sound when they tapped.

    There will come a day when you can have the NFC in your phone be used to open your hotel room or office doors. The tech is there but there are security issues that need to be worked out.
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    02-28-14 07:58 PM

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