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    I'll start the post by giving you a brief device history... I had a samsung flip phone (unsure of the model), the moment I heard about the blackberry 9000, I was amazed. The day it came out, I rushed the Rogers store and purchased it outright, so it was around $700. Had the phone for a while and the trackball started having issues, but I refused to give up on the device despite all the taunts from the iphone fanatics. I just kept my fingers crossed that a new BB model would come out, eventually the 9700 came out, I bought that phone and fell in love with the small size, no trackball, the speed of the phone etc. During this time, most of the people I knew started purchasing blackberry devices just for BBM, this was around the time that MSN was fading away, BBM was the hottest app to have. I'd go to a club, pick up a girl and the best pickup line was "hey, what's your PIN??"

    So I had the 9700, it was my #1 phone. I was so impressed with the device that I went to google to learn more about it, that's when I discovered CrackBerry. I would visit the site daily to learn more tips n tricks, I would save other peoples wallpapers that they posted and use it as my own or their themes. I was having so much fun. Then all these apps and games started to come out. The worst feeling in the world to hear that my blackberry wasn't compatible with these new apps coming out. I still supported "RIM" 100%. I skipped the 9780, to me it was the same device. held off on the Torch/9900.. I wanted more.

    Finally, the Z10 comes out!! Just like the bold 9000, I went right to the store on release day to buy the z10, I was able to upgrade this time since the last phone I had was the 9700.. It was the phone of my dreams. I loved everything about it. Still chirping in my ear were the samsung/iphone fanatics, I paid them no attention at all. I personally never used an iphone nor did I use the S-series samsung devices, but I hated them with no valid reason. I was content with the fact that my phone was able to use android apps, had my bbm, was able to watch HD movies, see the notifications without opening the app etc.

    5-Months in, i drop my z10 at the gym, even-though it had a case, it landed face first onto a weight and cracked. It was my first time damaging a phone, had no clue what to do. Went online and found a store that repairs screens.. Paid $299 to repair my Z10 screen, didn't even care about the price, just wanted it fixed asap!! Now that I have my phone back, I'm starting to second guess the decision I made. Could've used that money to put towards a samsung or an apple.. but I put all those thoughts to rest. Nothing would pull me away from the Z10.. A buzz was starting to build around IG, I had no clue what it was, all I knew was that it was a photo app, it wasn't compatible with my z10, so I didn't bother with it. My first taste of IG, was when it became available to sideload. Thinking to myself this is pretty neat, I like it. Not knowing I'm not even getting the full effect, just an outdated version of it.

    Last month, my phone breaks again, this time face first on the edge of my desk. didn't even look at my phone, jus by the sound it made, I knew it was broken. Once I discovered that it was broken, I just used my sisters Iphone 4 that she got as a present, but never opened it. I was so disappointed that I had to use an iphone 4. it updates to new OS, i put the phone down, just don't even want to see it. I check the phone, the first thing I notice was the notifications showing up on the lock screen, I was shocked, I thought it was something only a bb10 device. That was huge for me. The more I got familiar with the apple OS, I started enjoying the phone more. I'll backtrack to IG again, so now that I am using IG for iphone, I'm getting the full effect that I didn't get to see with a BB device. I'm getting notifications saying this person liked your photo etc. I didn't have to refresh IG just to see the likes/adds, it shows in realtime with apple.. The emojis are all in colour and I can actually see them all, not just a square.. The main things that I loved about my bb, I'm seeing alot of them on the iphone.. The notifications being the biggest one...

    The negatives about the iphone that I am noticing... If you have one app opened, you minimize it to go into a next app and go back into the minimized app, the minimized app has to reload again. it's not fluid at all. With the BB, you can open and close apps without any lag at all. A next thing I noticed was my gmail account, I have to open the mail app just to get my emails, it doesnt push them to the phone in real time like it would with my BB. I would have to refresh the app just to see my emails.. another issue is my BBM, this is the biggest issue that is a pain to me. It's not fluid at all when the app is closed the app doesnt update until it is opened on my screen. When I open the app, the newsfeed is stuck on when I last had the app open, all of a sudden all these updates start happening to reach to the present time. I heard that the new OS is correcting the few negatives that I have pointed out, as the days go by im starting to grow closer to this iphone, but my heart is still with blackberry.

    I want to come back to a BlackBerry, but I'm waiting for that phone/OS update that will make me want to come back. I check crackberry everyday for updates, but it feels like things aren't happening fast enough. I hope it does, before the iphone 6 comes out. If it doesn't, then I may have to make the permanent switch to Apple.

    To those who read my long post, I appreciate it, just wanted to give my own perspective on things, first hand.. Apologize for the length and if I had any grammar errors, just got in from doing a 12-hr shift, tired, but needed to get it all out. I want BlackBerry to make moves to get ahead of the pack, instead of trying to play catch-up.
    07-24-14 12:02 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Nice review. Ever try a Z30 with 10.3?
    07-24-14 07:20 AM
  3. AmritD's Avatar
    Wait till the passport comes out with the 10.3.
    07-24-14 07:31 AM
  4. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    My experience with the iPhone was a bit similar. Didn't get it at first, but after trying one, I formed a grudging respect.

    Still am horrible with the keyboard (the new iteration of iOS should fix that) and I despise iTunes, but I think I could make it work if I had to.
    07-24-14 07:37 AM
  5. Jimberry Storm's Avatar
    Nice review. Ever try a Z30 with 10.3?
    Yes, to me the Z30 is the only thing that make the Z10 look bad, its like the Z10 on steroids. I did have a few issueson the 10.3 so I dropped down to latest official OS. I will stick with my Z30 till the next all touch BB comes out, good luck OP
    ezapper2 likes this.
    07-24-14 07:38 AM
  6. pystha's Avatar
    You should wait for the next generation of devices, not really worth to buy the Z30 now..
    07-24-14 07:50 AM
  7. ezapper2's Avatar
    Outdated instagram...lmao

    I use SNAP to sideload android apps. It tells me when I have app updates to do just like in BlackBerry World.

    I am on a newer version of IG than most iPhone/android users that do not know how to update it.

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    07-24-14 08:52 AM

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