1. OrkCC's Avatar
    Has anyone experienced this? My Z10 has only just started to do it.
    I have not lost any emails from the BB Z10 Hub overall display page, although when I look at an individual account it only shows emails for today?
    I can still perform a search from there and any emails searched for are found, which is even more odd. Nothing missing - they just won't display in the individual account page.
    Facebook and Texts are unaffected.
    Settings are confirmed as 'On' for displaying 'show filed messages' and 'show sent messages'.
    I have also power cycled the phone and reset the Hub too.

    Glad to hear if anyone else has seen this, or even better - managed to sort it.

    03-07-14 09:19 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    What OS version are you using (Settings > About > "OS" from dropdown)?
    What email are you using? Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
    When you've read messages , are you filing them to sub-folders? If so, when you go to your individual account, what do you see when you tap on the down arrow on the blue bar with the account name?

    If you're filing messages but they seem to disapper, it may be:
    (1) That you don't have sub folders synced. To check, go to Settings > Accounts. Choose the account. Scroll down to "Edit folder settings" and select all that you wish to have appear on your device. Note that if you think you'lol be syncing a lot of email, you may want to do this when you're on WiFi so that you don't murder your data plan.
    (2) That your sync timeframe (for EAS accounts) or Intiial Retrieval period are too short for your needs. For an EAS account (such as Hotmail, Outlook.com), you can adjust this under the advanced settings for the account. For an IMAP account (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.), you can only specify this during the setup. So, you'd have to delete the account and re-add it, choosing the advanced settings when available, and scroll down to set "initial retrieval amount". (This also determines how long messages "stay" on your device.

    Hope some of this helps. If not, please reply with the OS version and email type.

    Good luck.
    03-10-14 10:49 AM

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