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    Ive seen some old threads for old models on this, but after trying the fixes, I didnt have luck.

    Turns out all the problems ive been having with my phone have been affected by the headset mode.
    The icon can be seen switching flickers headset and speaker when I go into MUSIC or calls.

    I can now play games, type, call, play videos and music IF my headphones are plugged in. The catch. It plays only on one side if plugged in all the way, both if plugged in half way.

    If i go to music and play a song and then Select headset, handset or speaker, the music does as commanded whether or not I have the headphone in
    Unfortunately I cannot do this for youtube.

    Before I take it to a shop and fork out the estimated $60 on a plugin, Has anyone had this problem and how did you fix it.

    05-02-15 11:03 PM

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