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    Have had my Z10 for a few weeks now and I just wanted to provide a post for people who were in a similar situation as me prior to my purchase.

    I came from android and this is the first blackberry product I have ever owned.

    Overall I am very VERY happy with my purchase, this phone is everything I was hoping it would be and more.

    Some of my favorite features include-
    1. Keyboard, I cant say enough about this, even without using word prediction or word shortcuts, it is still the easiest to use, quickest virtual keyboard I have ever seen, I see all the hype about the Q10 and i honestly feel like the people who are holding out for a physical keyboard are missing out on the full potential of BB10 as featured on a full screen display, granted I have been away from physical keyboards for a long time now, but I cant imagine anything being easier to use than this keyboard.

    2. Hub- this is my first experience with hub so i might be a little more excited about it than some of you diehards but i think it is great, it is wonderful to have anyone or thing that is trying to contact you available in one convenient swipe. I really love this feature.

    3. The browser- this thing is quick and works great, i had gotten so used to the glitches that i delt with everyday in my android browser that i dont even think i realized how bad they were until i started using the BB10 browser, I can do anything i could do on a desktop browser on my phone, makes my life much easier.

    4. Maps- why all the hate? I use this probably more than any other app and it works fine, sure it doesnt have all the features of google maps, but honestly i dont need all that junk, BB maps is quick, accurate and easy to use in my experience, everything i could ask for.

    5. User interface- the swiping is genius in my opinion, whoever put it together did a fantastic job (with a exception ill get to that)

    And now the not so good-
    1. Apps- devs got to get on this, to me I dont use a whole lot of apps in my daily life but i do notice the ones that I miss, i know they can be ported from android but that isnt the point in the big picture, if BB10 doesnt succeed a big part will because of lack of apps, we have to face it, whether or not you think half of the apps out there are pointless and useless (its ok they are) they are a big part of a lot of peoples lives. The average user isnt going to port apps and if BB wants to be part of mainstream smartphones again they are going to have to incourage app development at an agressive level.

    2. Downswiping for options- to me this is counter intuitive, especially on apps like ebay where you have to downswipe from the top to pull up the options at the bottom like the back button. Its a minor deal but it annoys me.

    3. Home screen cusomization- I miss being able to put my apps where i want on my home screen, I know i can move them but as far as I can tell i have to fill up all spaces on the screen in order, for instance, if i choose to have only 4 apps on my home screen I cant put them at the bottom, I have to start at the top left and fill in the top row. Also, I cant choose to have no apps on my home screen, if I try this, it simply deletes that screen and takes me to the next one. If im missing something on this, please fill me in.

    Neither negative or positive-
    1. The battery- its fine, it doesnt last for days, but it makes it through a whole day of heavy use for me and last 5 times as long as my photons' did, plenty good for me and a vast improvement over anything Ive owned so far.

    Well thats all I have to say about my Z10, if anyone else is hesitant about making the jump and has any questions about the transition feel free to send them my way. (i know i was especially after the ATT rep did everything except for refuse to sell it to me to try to keep me from buying my Z10, those guys are a problem too).

    Overall experience is A+

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    05-08-13 11:46 PM
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    I liked this review. The last phone I owned that wasn't a BlackBerry was a Sidekick3 ( I was 19) in 2007, and have been using a BlackBerry ever since.

    You're so right about the home screen customization!! It's so much easier on my iPod touch (iOS6.1). I'm never too sure where the icons are going to go, and it feels like every time I move them around, it's like a logic game to try and get them in the exact order that I want, and I usually have to try a few different ways of moving an app to get them perfect. On iOS it just seems easier, and easier is better.

    I'm using the leaked version of 10.1 that just was discovered, and battery life is so much better than on 10.0 (are you on 10.0?). 10.1 apparently rolled out partially in the Philippines and today on Virgin Mobile in France..so hopefully it isn't too far off officially for everyone else. If you are impressed by the keyboard in 10.0, you will be blown away by the keyboard in 10.1. It is even better. Noticeably better. Better to the point that now, if I'm looking at my phone, I can type super fast and everything is spelled correctly, with the right word selected. Also, the battery life is significantly better in 10.1. I really wish it were released already, because 10.1 will make a lot of people very happy.

    And you're right about the app stuff. I don't use many apps, I mainly use my BlackBerry as a phone and email/text/web, but I'm in the minority, and most people need their apps. I really don't know what else BlackBerry can do to get them on board, they have made a valiant effort so far. I guess marketing..to get people on BlackBerry10...to show developers that BlackBerry10 is for real.
    05-08-13 11:58 PM
  3. twbtr's Avatar
    Im on 10.0, will be looking forward to the update!

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-13 12:17 AM
  4. R Field's Avatar
    Good, fair review. Thanks for sharing.

    CB10- BlackBerry Z10
    05-09-13 12:21 AM
  5. stevepar's Avatar
    Welcome to the wild and whacky group :-) #BB10Believe
    05-09-13 12:23 AM
  6. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    Don't always need to down swipe inside a android app to go back just go right to left diagonally up from the BlackBerry logo

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-13 12:34 AM
  7. twbtr's Avatar
    Don't always need to down swipe inside a android app to go back just go right to left diagonally up from the BlackBerry logo

    Posted via CB10
    Thanks for the tip, always learning!

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-13 12:45 AM

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