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    About an hour and a half ago, my phone stopped responding to any swipes. I did a reboot but it would only proceed so far and it would not finish the reboot.

    I pulled the battery and the process appears to be the same .... stuck at the BB icon with the rounded blue rectangle.

    Any other way to get this baby back to life?

    Also, it did connect and sync ..... still no operating screen.

    Running the latest software and no other problems up to this point. BTW, I bought this on release day and it's been flawless. I love the phone. but this has me stumped.
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    02-13-14 08:34 PM
  2. rjk123's Avatar
    Have you plugged in to comp? Maybe you can backup and reload os if it shows up on your computer through Link

    02-13-14 09:28 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    If you canNOT backup as suggested, you might have to try reloading the OS.

    Either try using Link to reload the OS or trying using the Official OS but a Leak version (same as official) or try using Sachesi.
    02-13-14 09:47 PM
  4. curvezzz's Avatar
    My sister just had the same issue. Bb battery died, she plugged it up then it stayed at 99% for hours then 100% then nothing. On the charger it stayed there if unplugged it eventually died. Bb was bricked, reinstalled through bb link then dropped 10.2.1 on there via sachesi.

    ? Z10STL100-3/ on ATT ?
    02-13-14 11:01 PM
  5. basicbill's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I wasn't overly concerned, I was just not looking forward to a lengthy restore process.

    But that's what ended up happening. I did a total wipe and reset to factory and then I restored to a recent save. (thank goodness I backup regularly).

    Anyway, I've got my phone back and I'm a happy camper again.
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    02-14-14 02:37 PM

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