1. kevets's Avatar
    I can't be the only one, but there is some weird angle in my pocket where the z10 will just reboot if it gets flexed in a certain way. How many others encounter this? I have tried to mitigate the issue by stuffing a business card folded in half between the battery and the back cover and then throwing the transform case on it.

    Maybe a full shell case is out there that helps keep it from flexing? I'm not thrilled at the plastic flexiness on the z10, but it's an awesome phone most of the day.

    Or should I just start saving up for the z30 and it's integrated, larger battery?

    Posted via CB10
    01-31-14 07:52 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Can't say I've ever even heard of the issue or had it happen to me.
    01-31-14 08:58 PM
  3. trsbbs's Avatar
    Some have reported this due to the battery shifting around.

    CB10 via Verizon Z10.
    01-31-14 09:22 PM
  4. jd_statman's Avatar
    I've also experienced this just today. My battery cover door is not as tight as other peoples battery doors and i think this could be the problem. Maybe the battery easily shifts because the door isn't tightened enough to the battery?

    Posted via ZED10-BEAST
    01-31-14 09:30 PM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    If the business card "filler" does not fix it, there might be something else that's loose inside, a circuit or something that breaks contact if the phone is flexed.
    01-31-14 09:32 PM

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