1. Dmessenger's Avatar
    Finally Z10 is getting some attention and acceptance in India.3 of my friends have purchased yesterday and while enquiring for 4th person the store guy said its not in stock.If BB did this before it could have done magic.I hope they will launch Z30 proactively for price sensitive markets like India.
    10-03-13 05:00 AM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    I agree that for a phone that was suppose to help boost BBRY back to the top, the right pricing would have helped. But I really don't think you will see the Z30 come out any cheaper. At least not from what any of the reports that are out.
    10-03-13 06:15 AM
  3. app_Developer's Avatar
    What is the current price in India?
    10-03-13 06:57 AM
  4. Dmessenger's Avatar
    What is the current price in India?
    INR 29,900
    10-03-13 07:04 AM
  5. Bor Navas's Avatar
    If BlackBerry had priced it too cheap, people / media would have thought it was a lower device, but I agree it should have been a bit cheaper. Z30 is going to be waaay expensive at the beginning..

    Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C
    10-03-13 07:42 AM

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