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    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows if any options in the UK of trading a z10 for a Q10, I've had the z10 for over a month so I think the return period is over, im still thinking about whether to actually do it, the main issue being i still have to charge my z10 twice a day even though I don't use it that much, and obviously the q10 is meant to have a much better battery, I am a touch screen kind of person but I also require my phone to be usable at least all day without dying on me as I move around a lot and sometimes there's no place to charge it. Anyway, what I'm looking for are options so if i do decide I know where to go, I know I could just sell it and buy the q10 but that's a long process so any suggestions welcome

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    05-01-13 02:20 AM
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    If it's the battery issue that is your biggest concern and you don't mind running a leaked OS you might want to try the latest leaked OS 10.1. Everyone I know that has installed it says it has improved the battery life by a lot. Just remember that a leak is not supported by the carriers. Also remember to backup all your info such as contacts etc.
    05-06-13 10:43 AM

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