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    Do you have any idea why my battery drain on Z10 is much higher after the 10.2.1? Update? I am not using my phone much. No more than a few minutes per day talking and the battery gets drain in about 24h from full charge? WiFi is turned off, 2G. I used to get 2-3 days at least before the update even if I was using BBM for a couple of hours with WiFi always on.

    A friend of mine has the same phone (different carrier), the same update and he claims that his phone lasts for a couple of days even if browsing the internet.

    Any ideas what's wrong?
    02-09-14 03:53 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I don't think 24 hours on a charge is a bad thing. If your friend says he goes more than a day, he is not telling you the truth. Follow all the battery tips you can find here on CB and that will help you improve your battery life. Also, make sure your Android apps are killed using Task Manager. They seem to say on and drain your battery.
    02-09-14 04:14 PM
  3. vader42's Avatar
    With nothing running (ie no email, android apps, bb10 apps), and the screen locked, you will get a large battery life. The standby time is quoted at 13 days, so in complete idle you would get close to this. In reality, nobody buys a phone to put it into hybernation. Every task that runs in the background uses power. The radio (wifi/bluetooth/gprs/3g/4g) uses power. I have got 2 days between charges, however that is when I couldn't recharge whilst camping, so I turned everything off and changed to gsm. No phone calls, no anything.

    Everytime you use the phone, it uses far more power (current) than in standby. Using the phone for say an hour would cause standby to decrease by far more than an hour. Use google to check out the real figures, but off the top of my head, you get about 6ish hours of browsing per charge, or 8ish of video playback etc. So an hour of browsing uses 1/6 of your battery. Thats about 8 hours of standby time, so you would decrease your battery life by 7 hours (8-1). Do this for everything that your phone is doing and you'll soon get back to 10-15 hours.

    If your phone is idle and still runs down in 24 hours, then I would suggest it is not idle (as previously mentioned). Check out your wifi/bluetooth/radio settings, as well as diagnostics and email settings. Android apps should be killed as well (with taskmanager - from bbw).

    Hope I made sense.....
    02-09-14 07:00 PM

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