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    I own a AT&T United States Z10, which didn't received the new 10.3 update from AT&T. As everybody knows the suck at getting updates as i am a technology geek i wanted my Z10 run the New OS, i googled the steps and ways to do so. At last i found the website of Official BlackBerry Site, from which i downloaded the Autoloader for OS for my model STL100-3 which weighed upto 1.80 GB. I came to know that the Autoloader which i flashed onto my device was BlackBerry10DevAlpha Program. Although my device is not a Developer device It is a simple one. i.e. Normal. I came to know that i only had few of apps. No Pictures, Music, Video, Clock, Calculator, No BlackBerry Assistant Working. Nothing. Then i thought to work fine and tried to restore my 10.2.1 Backup i took on my PC through The Link software. The Restore was though successful but I only got 454 of my Contacts which were totall 2009. Now please guys help me out to extract my contacts from the backup, as it is not possible as google says, but please get me a way. Or Get me a OS that would get all of my apps and restore my backup as precious one. Any Os would do 10.2 or 10.1. 10.3 Would be a charm if got for my carrier and after things would work great as it before. Please help me guys, Please.
    05-09-15 04:38 AM

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