1. Silk_Spectre's Avatar
    I need help. Since the 10.2 update shows an annoying behaviour. When I delete Emails on the phone, it deletes the message also on the server which is awful, because I want to keep them on the server. Just so that I have a backup of'em. It doesn't matter whether I choose Pop or IMAP to receive E-Mails.
    My z10 did NOT do this before the 10.2 update so I am a little bit desperate as I HAVE to have backups of important mails on the bloody server. Help!
    10-31-13 05:33 AM
  2. cernica's Avatar
    Maybe first back up on server and then delete? Good question though.
    10-31-13 05:41 AM
  3. pastorbrad's Avatar
    10.1 does it as well, at least here (.2039)
    At first it didn't. Just have to be careful I guess.
    10-31-13 05:41 AM
  4. howarmat's Avatar
    This is the way bb10 works. Its not like the old BBOS
    10-31-13 05:42 AM
  5. pastorbrad's Avatar
    There's another thread complaining that OS10 doesn't delete emails on the server when they're deleted on the phone. Now it appears they are not only deleted on the server but (on AOL) don't even show up on the Deleted Mail list. Mine went from the first condition to the second over the first two days of operation. This is passing strange methinks.
    10-31-13 07:32 AM
  6. scrannel's Avatar
    I have never had it "delete on server" with my POP account. Have not updated to 10.2 yet.
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    10-31-13 09:04 AM
  7. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    What happens to email on the server is really up to the configuration of the server. BB10 implements mail synchronization, so when you do something to a message on the BlackBerry, including delete, the BlackBerry tells the server about your action. The server will then do whatever it is configured to do in that case. For example if you file a message Google (which doesn't have file folders) will tag the message with the name of the folder. In the end this looks the same as filing, just implemented differently on the server. By default a Google account will remove all tags from a message that is deleted. This is the same as archiving it. So deleted messages are still available through the web site under All Messages. There are ways to configure Google to tag messages with Trash when you delete them on the phone so they end up in a "trash folder". There are threads about that on here.

    Other mail servers may behave differently. But really isn't deleting a message and expecting the server to keep it for you like shredding your credit card statement and expecting it to be in the filing cabinet when you later decide you want it? If you want to keep a message, but not see it in the phone inbox, put it in a file folder, and configure the Hub to not show filed messages. The message will be on the server where you expect it, and you could even view it again on the phone if you later decide that you really should have kept it there. Filing a message takes fewer steps than deleting it, so it's faster.
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    10-31-13 09:28 AM
  8. Shifty88's Avatar
    I think you can prevent this by turning synchronization to manual and turning push off. I haven't tried because I like the way it works now. Lemme know.

    9700 ~ 9900 ~ Z10 STL100-3/
    10-31-13 09:38 AM
  9. Silk_Spectre's Avatar
    Synch set to manual, push turned off - keeps deleting mails from server. Also, the deleted mails do not appear in the 'Deleted'-folder - they're just gone.
    Tried the android app K9 and it actually allows you to keep the mails on the server, so the only way to stop this behaviour would be to delete my mail account on the z10 and use k9? Gosh.
    10-31-13 10:47 AM
  10. canderson85's Avatar
    Push settings won't matter so don't waste time on that.

    IMAP will always delete on server as will active sync, this is true for any device not just bb10. Pop will if it is set to delete on server or remove from server after receiving.

    Posted via CB10
    10-31-13 12:07 PM
  11. pastorbrad's Avatar
    I think the point is that OS7 gave the choice of just "Delete On Handheld" or delete completely. And even with the latter at least on AOL the mail showed in the Recently Deleted folder awaiting permanent deletion. It would be nice to have the choice is all. Feels like a step backward.
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    10-31-13 12:26 PM
  12. copperbeech's Avatar
    I just am checking out my Q10 the past couple of days and of course I have encountered this phenomenon.

    Of course as others have described, with my OS 7 phone I would often delete messages off the phone but leave them on the server to be looked at in more detail on another device ie desktop or laptop. This would invariably be my choice when the mail would arrive with a (large) attachment.

    Does one not need to worry about running out of storage on one's phone?
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    11-03-13 05:33 AM
  13. Silk_Spectre's Avatar
    I do not worry about the phone's memory but about my ability to organise myself. If I've got many mails, I used to delete them on the phone. On my laptop, outlook sorts them the way it should be, with rules and and many folders.
    Now you have to be very cautious when you delete a mail.. if you delete it, it's gone.

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    11-03-13 12:21 PM
  14. BigwhiteUK's Avatar
    I see email on my phone as an extension of email on my PC, I use Hotmail and outlook. Any emails I want to keep I file them, usually to a folder I have created. They then become archived.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-13 01:15 PM

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