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    I am running Everything was going fine till last night. I went to take pictures of our new years celebration. I opened the camera up and all I see on my screen is color bars. Anyone else have this problem. I did the update to 1.176 over a month ago. Have not had any problems till now. I did not see a thread on this yet so any help would be great.

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    01-01-14 12:24 PM
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    Here is a screen shot of what I get.
    Z10 camera problem-img_00000217.png

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    01-01-14 12:25 PM
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    Have a look here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...roblem-859756/

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    01-01-14 12:33 PM
  4. jqlight31's Avatar
    Thanks. I will give that a try

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    01-01-14 12:34 PM
  5. jqlight31's Avatar
    So I tried pulling the battery, sim card and memory card. Then reinstall all of it. Still have the rainbow screen. Anyone else with a suggestion

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    01-01-14 02:09 PM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    Call carrier, maybe they will connect you to BB for some questions or get it replaced under warranty. Good luck
    01-01-14 03:54 PM

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