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    So I had the voice mail icon issue displaying on my Z10 for about 2 weeks. After looking at the forums about this issue, I read that by doing a backup with Link and a wipe/restore that they icon/notification will go away. Well I did this and the notification is gone but getting my emails/contacts/calendar to sync up to ActiveSync is causing so many issues. I cant get emails passed yesterday, all my contacts and calendars won't sync. I've tried a wipe/restore twice. I deleted and tried to reactive my ActiveSync account numerous times and still have this issue. It was working just fine this morning until I did this wipe. Has any one else experience this issue. Is there any advice that someone can provide to help with this issue? Please I would like to know.
    04-15-13 03:04 PM
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    I just finished wiping yesterday because my texts and menus were slow and laggy. I simply backed up and wiped it. The first restore was a fail but a second attempt worked. When I logged in to BlackBerry ID my emails requested the passwords and everything went swell. The ONLY issue I had was my contacts going out of whack so everything has to be re linked. The link feature is cool but takes a lot of time to organize

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    04-15-13 03:47 PM

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