1. davinnyjk09's Avatar
    Hello Everyone, I have an issue with my Z10. It was working fine yesterday, and I was doing nothing out of the ordinary, just on Bleacher Report, when all of a sudden, my phone turned blue, and it just shut down. I pulled the battery, and put it back in, and it started up again and worked fine for 5 minutes, but then it turned blue, and shut down again. I tried to reboot it, but it wouldn't boot up. Has anyone had this problem before? I was running the leaked OS 10.2.1, and not the official, because it hadn't come out on AT&T yet. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

    05-08-14 09:23 PM
  2. Al moon's Avatar
    have you tried and reload your software? try this http://us.blackberry.com/software/sm...ackberry1021os
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    05-08-14 09:36 PM
  3. anon(3950127)'s Avatar
    Hi, if you do a small research, you will find so many threat and forum on that.. it could be a lot of thing who can cause a blue screen of death, like just an apps, the battery, the device itself or a bad os..

    I would definitively start by loading a native/official os for sure..

    Posted via CB10/O.S.
    05-09-14 01:50 AM
  4. davinnyjk09's Avatar
    Thanks. I'm trying to run the autoloader, but it will not work. Its not recognizing it.
    05-09-14 08:38 AM
  5. Chrisjd514's Avatar
    i have the same issue with my phone i was playing clash of clan and my screen turn blue!!!! and now it wont start again. does that mean the phone is dead???
    05-16-14 06:22 PM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    plug in the official charger and leave it sit for an hour or two. If the battery completely depletes, it may show no signs of life when initially charging. Good luck
    05-17-14 12:29 AM
  7. systemvolker's Avatar
    Have you tried nuking it?

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-14 12:41 AM
  8. scrannel's Avatar
    Since I bought my Z10 from T-mo when intro'd into the states I have had occasional blue screen attacks. I do 100% nothing and the phone always recovers on its own. Within the past month I started getting them daily, so tried shimming the battery with a bit of business card and that stopped it. Then I had to switch batteries and, even though shimmed, with my second battery, I got the blue screen again. Way less than the first times, but still did. So, I'm thinking it's a battery issue. Back on battery #1 again and so far so good. FWIW,
    05-17-14 07:55 AM
  9. Chrisjd514's Avatar
    The red light blink once in a while. I hope its only the battery. Im on my way to the telus store
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    05-17-14 08:06 AM
  10. Kevin Bauer's Avatar
    hey, I have the same issues for one week. I tried with an another battery, but no reaction. Was your issue resolved?
    05-25-14 02:10 PM
  11. Chrisjd514's Avatar
    The Phone is dead. Im out of luck. Something is wrong with the z10 and q10. Nobody is talking about it.
    05-25-14 08:08 PM
  12. scrannel's Avatar
    hey, I have the same issues for one week. I tried with an another battery, but no reaction. Was your issue resolved?
    Did you read my post?
    05-26-14 01:28 AM

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