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    After the most recent update my Z10 has been terribly laggy, and glitchy. Every reboot seems to just make it worse.

    I want to reload the OS with BB Link, but when I try to back things up, its says to log into BB ID, and back up applications data such and such (But the phone is already logged in, hence why BBM works)

    I'm having a monumental time with this, and extremely frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    02-19-14 08:00 PM
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    Just in case check that your device BB Name is the same as the one shown on BlackBerry Link.

    Try to login into BlackBerry Link with your BBID as well.
    02-19-14 08:54 PM
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    02-19-14 08:57 PM
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    As a matter of interest, how did you get the update on your device?

    Posted via Z10.
    02-20-14 04:55 AM
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    OTA update, and some short time after that a small 8MB update also OTA, but manually prompted, where the full update was a notification.


    I have loaded BB link onto another machine, and been able to back up the phone, and when proceeding with "reset to factory default", the phone is now locked in some perpetual state of mystery.... with this screen, and had done so for the last 10 hours.

    Z10 - BB Link  - Cannot Backup, Need to reload OS-photo.jpg
    02-20-14 07:44 AM
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    Maybe I should just start posting here, because by the time I get mad enough to ask a question, I overcome another hurdle.

    Pulled battery, and left out for 10 minutes, connected via USB, and BB Link found the phone again, OS load starting finally.....

    I'll post final outcome for anyone who might be experiencing (or may in the future) these issues.
    02-20-14 07:58 AM
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    That SHREDDER Icon is a Security Wipe in progress and it can long hours. 6 or more in some cases.
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    02-20-14 03:41 PM
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    That SHREDDER Icon is a Security Wipe in progress and it can long hours. 6 or more in some cases.

    Okay, a shredder.... That makes sense now.

    Well, anyway, I got the phone backed up, wiped, reloaded, and restored. All is well in my BB universe.

    For those who want a run down of events, here's how things break down. (If you are experiencing these issues, I hope this saves you some headache)

    1. OTA 10.2.1 OS update - No real noticeable issues outside of some slightly shortened battery life
    2. Short time after my notification of the 10.2.1 notification, some apps seem to start taking an extra long time to start.
      1. Most noticeable is Facebook,
      2. I try several reboots, no improvement

    3. Checked manually for updates, and get a small 8 MB OTA update, Still no improvement
    4. Somewhere in here I update Facebook via BBW
    5. Over times, the phone seems to be more and more glitchy. Every reboot seems to just make it worse
      1. Trying to open messages from the Hub, fail. (click message, screen goes dim, msg never opens, and screen comes back - some RTOS crash/clear function I assume,)
      2. Apps take 30 plus seconds to start running, but seem to run smooth once open
      3. Password Keeper, 30 seconds to open, enter password click OK, 30 more seconds then you see your list of passwords.
      4. The list goes on and on, apps take forever to start, then run somewhat okay once open.
      5. I uninstall, reinstall Facebook
      6. I delete Facebook
      7. Reinstall Facebook

    6. Battery life is dreadful, and charging takes forever. Lucky to see 4 hours, when I usually charge the phone every other day.

    At this point I've decided I'm going to wipe the phone (I hate doing this, I feel like I'm giving up and taking the easy way out)
    1. Load BB Link onto Win XP machine
      1. I cannot ever get the phone to back up.
        1. BB Link tells me things like Log into BB ID, cannot connect to phone, cannot communicate with phone, etc.
        2. Give up for the night....

    2. Load BB Link on Win 7 machine
      1. Back Up the phone, sync media
        1. Reboot Windows

      2. Reset the phone to factory defaults
        1. Takes absolutely forever, fall asleep in my clothes in hotel room, wake up and phone is still resetting/security-wiping
        2. Reboot Windows

      3. Load OS
        1. Reboot Windows

      4. Restore Backup
        1. Battery life seems restored, and phone is back to its snappy smooth running self I was used to.

    I think BB Link is a poorly written program. Rebooting Windows after every task was absurd, and I doubt I'll leave it on my Win 7 machine.
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