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    Mike Baxter (played by Tim Allen) on Last Man Standing has been using Blackberries multiple times.
    Now I see he is using the Z10 which I think is cool.
    Z10 appearing in Last Man Standing-83f92e01371ebfaa90b2861c3496f68c.jpgZ10 appearing in Last Man Standing-b6ea1d2e0e63f788abbd225b1bb03a05.jpgZ10 appearing in Last Man Standing-0354e0145d03b0eca7a0c3be37925e23.jpgZ10 appearing in Last Man Standing-untitled.png
    04-23-13 10:24 PM
  2. BoldWorld's Avatar
    seems like this was already discussed in another thread. sorry about that
    04-23-13 10:32 PM

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