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    I have had the z10 since it was released on the Verizon network. I have put my Droid Razr Maxx in the desk drawer for now trying to give this phone a good honest attempt. At first I was not sure. I thought, I am giving this up. Then I got used to the gestures and things like that. However, like many, I will say that the lack of some apps have made it difficult to switch. I have side loaded several Android apps to help with some of this but have not had good luck with them and there are still a few apps that will not run on the z10. Here are my issues that maybe someone else has dealt with and can offer help on.

    1. United Airlines app is available in the Blackberry world. I have it installed and rely on it for my flights pretty regularly. However, if I try to view the details of a reservation it displays an error, "Your device has no connectivity". I can browse the web, access my mileage plus summary, but cannot view the details of my upcoming flight.

    2. Next app that is kind of a must have/show stopper for me. Again this deals purely with work, Concur. We use Concur Solutions for our travel and expense management. They offer an app for iPhone, Android and legacy Blackberry that works perfectly. I can take a picture of receipts and create an expense with categories, etc all from the device freeing me of having to keep every single receipt as I travel. Again, this app side loaded appears to work until I try to create a new expense. At that point it tells me, "Due to being offline, expense type and currency selection data is not available at this time". I can view reports, and other actions in the app but cannot create and expense.

    3. Skype is an app that again, with travel is extremely nice to be able to video chat with the family. The side loaded version does not work. It continues to tell me that it cannot contact Skype servers.

    4. One Note. I use this application for notes. I have it on my android, iPad, surface pro, and laptop so that I can view and create notes anywhere. I have become very accustomed to using it. It is not available for the z10 and the android version can not be side loaded onto the device and have it run.

    From my testing and experience it seems that the side loaded apps or ported apps even from the blackberry world have an issue with using the web services properly. Several of the issues I have highlighted above appear to be the same underlying issue just within each different app. I have used android since the first Verizon android was released and have been pretty happy. I will say that most apps that people complain about not being on the z10 are not important. So many apps both in iOS and Android are used once or twice and forgotten about. The apps that I am looking to have run on this phone are true business need apps that are extremely valuable to a mobile user. Yea, it would be nice to have all the "toy" apps available but I am never going to complain about those not being available.

    Blackberry has some very nice features with the Z10, but without a couple of these apps it will be hard for me not to go back to the droid and for numerous of our corporate users to stay with blackberry.
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    05-10-13 12:46 PM
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    I understand where you are coming from, as many issues as I have had with the z10 restarts, I am sticking with the BlackBerry platform.

    Some of the apps I have been looking for have made it to OS10. I still believe that android ported apps show not be allowed in the BlackBerry World and only hinder the developers coming over to create new native OS10 apps.

    Most of the Android ports I have tried do not work like they should and have created issues for me, I ended up removing most of them and my OS issues went away.

    I am hoping the remainder of the apps I an looking for make it to OS10 in the next few months, but I am still here to stay, just disappointed that some of the major ones haven't made it yet.

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    05-10-13 01:16 PM

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