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    Well I want to share my Z10 experience so far. Unfortunately not as an owner because my GF very skillfully snatched the phone I've been anticipating for a year. What went wrong? Why don't I have "my" Z10?

    The plan was that I would get the all touch Z10 and pass along my 9900 to her until the N10, now Q10 came out. The arrangement was that because I still had a contract going with the Bold, she would take it over and I would put the Z10 on her account. All was going according to plan, her contract was up and BB kept their promise of a end of January launch. Everything changed when we went to buy it and the store(s) was sold out. She started playing with their live demo phone and was hooked! Oh oh... I felt the sting of betrayal lol right there in public as she decided she wanted it.

    True story and this coming from someone that stated the Z10 was a wanna be iPhone Now she is in love with it and admits readily its addictive and fun. Peek and swiping really do add a lot to the experience, and we think BB does the swipe gestures best. She was a little overwhelmed at first as she isn't a techie by nature. It really funny how things turn out sometimes

    I know I'm impressed with it even though it does have some issues with email setup and no groups (yes I'm gonna beat that dead horse again) but if she's happy than I'm happy.

    I'm happy with my 9900 but I have to admit I WANT to use the Z10 all the time, its weird I never cared about the Bold as it is just a phone. The Z10 has personality that I think a lot of people find appealing.

    Just wanted to share
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    02-18-13 06:34 PM
  2. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    Yeah .. I'm in the same boat. Got one for the wife .. waiting for mine to come in from work. I actually have to touch and use her z10 every night .. its pathetic. I hope work finishes trialing the new z10s on the network soon or I'm going to steal hers (even though it's in white!)
    02-18-13 06:43 PM
  3. dentynefire's Avatar
    Pathetic is right lol every time she starts to put it down she knows that its my turn now

    Hopefully your IT dept is quick on allowing it on the network, at least the process has started. That reminds me to look at Citrix now.
    02-18-13 07:45 PM
  4. ddlax22's Avatar
    I actually have to touch and use her z10 every night ..
    well i you're talking about the phone...or..ok nevermind
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    02-18-13 07:56 PM
  5. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    very, very addictive !!! oh, yeah! ....
    02-18-13 08:24 PM
  6. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    Pathetic is right lol every time she starts to put it down she knows that its my turn now

    Hopefully your IT dept is quick on allowing it on the network, at least the process has started. That reminds me to look at Citrix now.
    Ok I don't mean to hijack this thread but:

    Funny story from work.. my Controller who the IT department reports to loves his Bold 9900 and is very much interested in the q10 and is pissed that it won't be available in Canada until April. The IT manager is a big Samsung/Android fan (iphone second) who is also pissed cause Corporate won't let him run his Droid on the company network due to security reasons.

    The IT guy is not a fan of BB even though everyone at work has them except for a handful who have iphones and are just "ok" with them. So the controller and the rest of the BB users at work keep bugging this guy to when the testing will be completed on the z10 so we can all get our hands on one. Well needless to say this guy has been stalling forever well at least since the launch in Canada.

    So I started to work on the controller, figuring if I could get him to switch over to a full touchscreen z10, I could perhaps get him to accelerate the testing process at our division. So I shamelessly brought in my wife z10 one day (can you believe she would only allow me to have it a work for 2 hours only - she promptly came back to my work and snatched it out of my hands ... faacckk! - but I digress) and showed it to him and my general manager. Now these guys are old and I though it may be a hard sell, them being used to their physical keyboard and all. But they were simply amazed at the z10 performance, capability and they were sold on the predictive keyboard.

    So now the controller starts razing and pushing the IT guy more and the IT guy is telling him his Corporate Rogers carrier contact doesn't have any of the phones in stock and now there's a waiting list - what a f'n snake! The kicker finally came a week later when I found out that one of our other division in London (Ontario) got 2 black z10s as Corporate phones to use on their network. When I told the controller that he went ballistic .. ripped a new one in the IT manager and 2 days later the controller magically managed to get a new z10 for testing on our network. That was last week.

    This week if all goes well (crossing my fingers) and the z10 is approved with the controller's consent .. I should have a new z10 for me ready to go! I figure if that dumb a$$ IT manager drags his feet with me wrt to getting my z10 .. I now have my friend the controller to deal with him
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    02-18-13 08:49 PM
  7. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    At least you have that I'm waiting till I get word on when I could get a z10
    02-19-13 02:38 AM

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