05-04-13 09:46 AM
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    From BlackBerry 10.1 update coming to Z10 weeks after Q10 launch | MobileSyrup.com

    BlackBerry announced today that its first major update for the BlackBerry Z10, dubbed BB10.1, will arrive weeks after the release of the Q10 on May 1st.

    The update will introduce many of the same features found in the Q10 shipping software, including Pin-to-Pin messaging, contacts suggestions in the Hub, HDR photos in the Camera app, custom message notifications on a per-account basis, in addition to performance improvements and better low-light photos.

    The BlackBerry Z10 has seen one update since its launch in early February which cleared up many of the launch-related bugs. It also addressed a major sticking point, battery life, improving it substantially over the shipping software.

    Such a significant update is subject to carrier approval, so no word on exactly when the software will hit, but wed imagine it will be before the end of May.

    Via: BlackBerry
    In other words...

    NEVER for Bell
    04-24-13 10:35 PM
  2. jesse_h's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    04-24-13 10:42 PM
  3. dhanveer's Avatar
    how did you mange this give me the link please
    04-24-13 10:46 PM
  4. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    Seems mobile syrup edited their post saying it was via Engadget

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    04-24-13 10:48 PM
  5. mmcpher's Avatar
    I've always had my BB's with ATT, so I was gobsmacked when the first update for the Z10 rolled out within weeks of the launch. Because previously ATT updated their OS at a glacial pace, surely among the slowest of all the US carriers. Maybe they've turned over a new leaf.
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    04-24-13 10:49 PM
  6. crackberrydem's Avatar
    Wait so a better version of the z10 will be out for holiday !!???
    04-25-13 12:10 AM
  7. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    Wait to a better version of the z10 will be out for holiday !!???
    I'd more imagine a better Q10 but who knows

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    04-25-13 12:12 AM
  8. shansen222's Avatar
    Although few Z10 problems and only 3 battery pulls since picking it up on Feb 27, hope this cures some of the issues. Waiting patiently.
    04-25-13 12:12 AM
  9. zocster's Avatar
    Hope they release world wide. Auto loading is ok but better through link. Gives it that official feel.

    Sent from my Z10 using Tapatalk 2
    04-25-13 12:22 AM
  10. PH_BB's Avatar
    if this is an indication of things to come with software updates then I am ready for the continuous waiting game

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    04-25-13 12:30 AM
  11. DetlevCM's Avatar

    I hope carriers are bettet at testing OSes than running websites...

    The data usage meter for O2 is chronically broken on BlackBerry - on the Bold I could never see my data usage while on the Z10 their site had trouble loading in the first place for some strange reason....
    I once mentioned the data display issue to suppport... "We know about it" and nothing happened over months...
    At the start it also showed nonsensical numbers when logged on via the PC...

    I.e the only reliable way to get any data usage information was via your bill. The desktop based meter works bow though...

    Then when it came to the lay update O2 was a good two weeks behind Vodafone UK.
    To be honest, I would go as far as saying that "carrier testing" is a way to try and make devices look outdated to make sure that customers are bot happy with their current phone.

    There are a few reasons why the idea of carrier testing is stupid:
    - You can buy and unlocked phone anywhere in Europe and use it anywhere without any carrier aproval.
    - If you buy an unlocked phone you normally get updates directly from the manufacturer.
    - there are standards that are adhered to

    This means, if one carrier tests an OS, it works with abu carrier - in Europe. Given the number of people who use leakee OSes globally there also does not seem to be an issue with cross-carrier compatibility.

    All in all, this makes me think BlackBerry should go back down the route of making the OS available without carrier support as well (as they used to on OS4) - basically allow people to download the OS without official carrier suppprt and to allow them to install it at their own risk.

    Oh, and there is the issue of carrier bloat - I hated the O2 rubbish in my browser's bookmarks, thankfully the Z10 is not "O2 contaminated " with bloatware, which is the other concern.
    Why do we get all this junk? (Sane goes for laptops and the claim is it makes them cheaper, yet my Fujitsu PC cane without bloat and was, for the performance very well priced).

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    04-25-13 12:40 AM
  12. Gray's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    04-25-13 12:43 AM
  13. R Field's Avatar
    Seems mobile syrup edited their post saying it was via Engadget

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    In that case take it with a grain of salt hopefully they have it out sooner.

    CB10- BlackBerry Z10
    04-25-13 12:47 AM
  14. Elite1's Avatar
    Pin to pin is a bare bones bbm in more a email format however quicker to send/recieve and is more secure than regular bbm
    Quicker to send/receive than BBM?
    No, it's just as secure as BBM, or vice versa...
    Yes, it's an email format. So it's quicker to send/receive than (most) email, and more secure than (most) regular email.

    Anyway, we're both saying almost the same thing.

    It's likely to be irrelevant to 95% of us.

    This is how you CB10, son!
    04-25-13 01:46 AM
  15. MiSsY_'s Avatar
    Quicker to send/receive than BBM?
    No, it's just as secure as BBM, or vice versa...
    Yes, it's an email format. So it's quicker to send/receive than (most) email, and more secure than (most) regular email.

    Anyway, we're both saying almost the same thing.

    It's likely to be irrelevant to 95% of us.

    This is how you CB10, son!
    Also with pin-to-pin you don't need to be friends/bbm contact, just need the persons device pin.

    Posted via CB10 from my Z10
    04-25-13 01:50 AM
  16. jdhooghe's Avatar
    Had windows phones before z10.. they are pretty quick opposed to other carriers..

    Posted via CB10
    Uh, no. You mean the ONE update, Portico, that was launched in December? Rather than the multiple updates RIM has pushed out?
    04-25-13 02:02 AM
  17. bakron1's Avatar
    Because of the restart issues and another one happened right in the middle of an important call with a client yesterday, I took my forth z10 back yesterday and I going back to my other platform until they get this and the GMail sync issues straitened out.

    We should not have to wait until the Q10 is released before we get an update, fix the z10 issues first before worrying and any new product.
    04-25-13 03:20 AM
  18. reneSc's Avatar
    Everyone has to remember that this isn't iOS where apple controls everything most software updates these days even android are by carrier, as I've mentioned if blackberry sent the Q10 to carriers that means they also have a copy of 10.1 to test and load their bloatware onto so the carriers are delaying the 10.1 to Z10 to hope to sell more Q10s and convert Z10 people who just need the latest and greatest software without knowing any better

    Posted via CB10
    What about if youre with a carrier which doesnt even know that BlackBerry has OS 10 now?
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    04-25-13 04:18 AM
  19. Vector-SS's Avatar
    Shorty, soon, coming, weeks, couple of weeks, soon after, around. what else can we add?
    04-25-13 04:27 AM
  20. prithvi64's Avatar
    OS update release thru carriers is very lousy affair. I don't understand why BBRY is not learning from actual ground realities. Country like India where BBRY is selling Z10 unlocked to be used on any network, why individual carrier will release update. Samsung and others are releasing updates for country. Lets hope BBRY also learns.
    04-25-13 04:53 AM
  21. crohns's Avatar
    Well i know one thing i can't wait!!
    04-25-13 05:40 AM
  22. duckduke's Avatar
    From past experience with BB9700 and BB9900 with OS 7 and 7.1 etc. ............

    The carrier release date is somewhat a nonissue. The first "official" release of 10.1 will probably be available and installed by most ........... as so many here are already running the 10.1 leaks and hybrids.

    AT&T (my carrier and a bloatware champion contender) was always among the last to release an upgrade/update. Some carriers were coming out with a subsequent upgrade before AT&T had the previous update out.

    Sometimes it seemed like BB could get a new device out faster than AT&T could release an update

    For this reason, I usually install a leak or the first official release available..
    04-25-13 05:56 AM
  23. zeeten's Avatar
    Months and years can be counted as weeks too. Perhaps, that's how BlackBerry counts time?

    Posted via CB10
    They said the Q10 will be available in the weeks after the Z10. February 6th to May 1st is exactly 12 weeks, so expect it July 24th .

    Posted via CB10
    04-25-13 07:05 AM
  24. boonzer's Avatar
    Hey Kris.... when are you going to leak? How about this...when you upgrade to the next one... drop your old one in here
    04-25-13 07:14 AM
  25. Jimberry Storm's Avatar
    Damn, it's a shame that 10.1 will take so long to get to the Z10. I was expecting it to arrive much quicker. I might have to consider loading up the leaked OS. Is there any major setbacks I should be worried about? I use a number of sideloaded Android apps (Instagram's a big one, I'll have to go through the Facebook workaround) but I've heard of issues with those.
    I not the greatest with computers but loaded it up no problems
    04-25-13 07:17 AM
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