03-12-14 06:10 AM
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  1. 123nat's Avatar
    Lets list here your biggest disappointment you found with 10.2.1

    My biggest gripe is the extra bar added when composing an email or facebook msg It takes up valuable real screen estate! And I am on the z10! I feel sorry for those on q5 or q10!!!! We should be allowed option to turn this off!
    01-28-14 01:09 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    No disappointments. So much better than what I had.
    01-28-14 01:11 PM
  3. Fistmaster's Avatar
    I have 2 whatsUp accounts in the hub But I used to have just 1! What shall I do?
    01-28-14 01:12 PM
  4. Andrew4life's Avatar
    I don't like the extra bar either. I got used to having to hide the keyboard to get to those buttons. The new floating bar takes up too much space!!

    Posted via CB10
    01-28-14 01:12 PM
  5. Xadion's Avatar
    The extra bar is not going to be new for q owners as its always been there, for the z owners it is a good thing as it shows message options that whee before stupidly hidden from view by the keyboard lol... while I have a z, I must say when typing is considered a physical keyboard gives u more space, eps a slider like a torch style phone.

    Posted via CB10
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    01-28-14 01:13 PM
  6. naji55's Avatar
    Reload ur os

    Using BB Z10
    01-28-14 01:15 PM
  7. 1bbu's Avatar
    I have 2 whatsUp accounts in the hub But I used to have just 1! What shall I do?
    Had the same issue. What I did was go into Hub, bottom right 3 dots, settings, hub management, find the second whatsapp that isn't the real one, and set it as "show in hub only".

    Not a fix but it disappears from the Hub.

    Posted via CB10
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    01-28-14 01:16 PM
  8. khehl's Avatar
    My disappointment is no panorama or other camera modes..

    Posted via CB10
    01-28-14 01:17 PM
  9. battleax78's Avatar
    No wi-fi direct. It was a lie.

    Posted via CB10
    01-28-14 01:18 PM
  10. jchavealot's Avatar
    None! Bravo Blackberry!

    Posted via CB10
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    01-28-14 01:18 PM
  11. Namueab's Avatar
    I have 2 whatsUp accounts in the hub But I used to have just 1! What shall I do?
    I had this problem too. I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled but that did not help. Whatsapp created a backup folder with your conversations. If you don't care about losing them, after you delete whatsapp, delete the back up folder, reboot, then reinstall whatsapp. Kind of a pain, but that worked for me and I now have only one entry.
    Hope this helps
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    01-28-14 01:19 PM
  12. Fistmaster's Avatar
    I fixed it, buddy by removing the whatsup app, and re-install it again! Fake whatsup is gone. Original is in!

    All in all the new Update is awesome!
    01-28-14 01:20 PM
  13. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    Yeah.. it didn't get here sooner
    01-28-14 01:24 PM
  14. nico2004's Avatar
    No disappointments. So much better than what I had.
    Same here.

    Posted from my new toy Z30.
    01-28-14 01:25 PM
  15. sasikiran96's Avatar
    I have 2 whatsUp accounts in the hub But I used to have just 1! What shall I do?
    Just reinstall.. worked for me

    Posted via CB10
    01-28-14 01:28 PM
  16. Thor1972's Avatar
    Disappointments are not caused by the quality of the product, but by the expectations of the end users.

    Before publicly writing down your personal disappointments, ask yourself where you got the expectations.

    Only than do you know who to blame...

    Posted via CB10
    01-28-14 01:29 PM
  17. smotwani's Avatar
    I have 2 whatsUp accounts in the hub But I used to have just 1! What shall I do?
    Reinstall Whatsapp...
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    01-28-14 01:31 PM
  18. texn884's Avatar
    Give them a new update that they all were complaining about not having and now you still are complaining!

    No pleasing. I loaded the leak 3 weeks ago and love the new updates. Give ya a million dollars and you still complain. Maybe just write your own OS and see what it looks like and see if you can please everyone!
    Last edited by Sith_Apprentice; 01-30-14 at 07:29 AM. Reason: removed language
    01-28-14 01:33 PM
  19. drmike's Avatar
    The issues I was having with Facebook calendar items not showing up and hub issues are now gone. Awesome.

    Posted via CB10
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    01-28-14 01:34 PM
  20. nucks26's Avatar
    the fact that it's the same as the leak I've had for months lol
    01-28-14 01:34 PM
  21. failedhumanexistence's Avatar
    Not sure how you can be disappointed, considering 10.2.1 has brought a slew of improvements to the BB10 OS. My only "disappointment" per se is that it's the same build that was leaked over a month ago, haha. I do, however, have things I'd like to see added in future updates.
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    01-28-14 01:35 PM
  22. deremi's Avatar
    this is HW .. z30 has widi. Software update is not going to give you HW upgrades.
    WIDI and FM radio are both HW.
    01-28-14 01:36 PM
  23. DJM626's Avatar
    No face detection in the cam mode. No way to delete attachments that were attached in received emails. Ringer volume to me does not seem to be as loud as it was. Certain parts of text very light and faded.

    Posted via CB10
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    01-28-14 01:37 PM
  24. cbvinh's Avatar
    No wi-fi direct. It was a lie.
    I'm still waiting on the update, but this article breaks it down:

    Z10: Wi-Fi Direct
    Z30, Q10, Q5: Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast

    Miracast will not be available on the BlackBerry Z10, Wi-Fi Direct supported instead | CrackBerry.com
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    01-28-14 01:42 PM
  25. glamrlama's Avatar
    My Z10 is still the same size. I thought this update made it bigger.
    01-28-14 01:48 PM
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