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    Given the blog post about the bb10 unveiling a year ago, I thought I'd drop by with a few quick thoughts about having owned and used a z10 as my daily driver for 363 days...

    I ordered it straight after the launch event and picked it up 2 days later... my initial experiences were, how shall we put it, very negative and covered here http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...0-long-769388/, while my 5 week was better http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=779325

    However, I stuck with the device and while it occasionally infuriates me, I love it to pieces...

    Battery: I've had a few instances where the battery goes crazy draining it n hour or so, but on the whole, it comes off the supplied charger at 6am and goes back on charge at 10pm and I usually have 35 to 40% of the battery left. The only times I really get concerned about battery is when I'm out and about in low signal areas, where it rapidly drops, so I got a case with an inbuilt battery from amazon.

    Durability: I came to the z10 from a battered and bruised 9800 that had been dropped, drowned and was well past its best. One year on, and other than some slight wear and tear on the battery cover from taking the case on and off, the Z10 looks as good as new. My 9800 after a year had chipped paint, scratched glass and general wear and tear.

    Apps: I'm not the kind of person who needs instagram or netflix or candy crush. Most apps I use I've found via appworld, and the only thing I've used the new android stuff for is my banking app, and the latest deezer. Sure, its nice to have the amazon and snap stores, but most android stuff I've tried is to be honest, ****... The social media apps are slowly improving, which is annoying because I found the bb6 ones great and the bb10 ones are still not as good. Games are ok, but I prefer the bigger screen of my PlayBook for games, and I find the z10 heats up a lot and battery drains rapidly with games.

    Headless Apps: currently I'm using hub++ and fliptoshush. Hub++ keeps rolling out updates to try and improve its headless, but I think the issues are now in the OS not the apps. Its nice to have, but still needs some work.

    Keyboard: I love it, and I hate it. The latest 10.2.1 seems to be worse for predictive on the space key and comes up with some seriously stupid alternatives. And then there are simple words like love, which my keyboard always changes to live... On the flip side, the number of people who've used my z10 keyboard and said it's the best touchscreen keyboard is amazing.

    Hub: I love it, and while I don't use the priority hub much the colour coding it gives is cool. I use its pinch gesture to view unread instead. Main infuriating things are sms speed, random unable to reply to tweets, unable to compose a tweet from the main hub, no quick multi select unlike the 9800, slow mark all as read. Come on BlackBerry the hub should be perfect, and it's not yet...

    Contacts: On paper the contact linking sounded great, but in practice its so hit and miss that it's annoying.

    Media: Ug, this hasn't improved at all in a year, to the point where I don't listen to music on my phone. I hate the fact they took out the ac3 (or aac, can't remember) codec for videos and it always catches me out when I'm copying videos to the device. On the plus side, the appworld video store sales are cool, and I love hdmi out for watching videos.

    Display: I can't fault the clarity, but the brightness does my head in. Most of the time I have it at 0%, but that's too low for videos... but then at night the auto brightness kicks in and it almost blinds me...

    Link: I never really used desktop manager, so link is about as useful to me as that was. However... The remote file access, if you can get it to work (I had to reinstall my windows 7 to fix a firewall issue), is simply amazing.

    Data: ouch! Having come from a bis contract with 1gb bandwidth, to a simple 1gb bandwidth contract, I go over that every month and it costs me a lot every month... bb10 is a data hungry best and is constantly uploaded and downloaded large chunks of data. Use wifi where possible!

    Wifi: Argh! Most of the time it's great, except for when you have two networks it can connect to and one has no Internet access, at which point it inevitably connects to the wrong one, regardless of network order. And then there's the infuriating thing where if it tries to log on to an access point 3 times and fails 3 times, it disables the profile...

    Camera: while occasionally useful the time shift camera is more of a gimmick. The main camera is great for well lit outdoor shots, and not too bad for well lit indoor shots, but if it's dark... give up. The few times I've used the video camera, its been brilliant.

    Browser: quick, and reliable, I think I?ve had it crash 3 times in a year. The double click to zoom on text is not as good as the 9800's, and trying to amend a url in the box is a nightmare as it never selects the point you want to edit. I like the way the browser handles video files.

    Phone Calls: Ironically I don't use my phone much for phone calls, which is a pity because it's so clear, and in my experience, you can talk for ages without much drain on the battery.

    All in all, I'm happy I got the z10 at launch, the OS has come a long way, and while I'd upgrade to a z30 in a heartbeat if I could afford it, I wouldn't go to an android or its device...

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    Good honest assessment, OP. Of the points you have made, the rapid selection and editing are among my biggest grievances. Nevertheless, my z10 is a rockstar and I couldn't imagine using anything less than a BlackBerry.


    1) Hub++ wasn't reliable for me, so I just keep BeBuzz open for now.

    2) Sometimes I find I have to reset the keyboard suggestions to reign it in a bit.

    3) I'm glad I kept my unlimited data on VZW
    01-30-14 01:52 PM
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    The os has come a long way since October alone, glad to hear that you didn't have any reliability issues with the z10 as that was what mainly inspired me to get the 30 (which I don't regret at all!).
    But back to October when I got my q5 I was really trying to figure out how they could release something like that so unfinished, buy there was a point when I was messaging using BBM, whatsapp, and texts all at once with ease, I saw the potential! Soon enough I heard of 10.2 coming with my multiple alarms and all, then boom dropped (my first leak) and now here I am hanging out on the crackberry forums feeling more passionate about BlackBerry than apple and I've been a mac user for 20 years at least, but I'd never use an iPhone why have the Internet without a decent built in file management system? Apps are cool but that's why I have an ipad!

    Flicked on my Z30 or crushed on my Q5!
    01-30-14 02:10 PM
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    Evilcmac brings me to my next point:

    Stuff that just works/ I take for granted...

    USB - no proprietary cables, and there's always a USB cable kicking around the house/office/car

    File Manager - its there, it works, it integrates with box/dropbox/remote file access, it does cut/copy/paste/move. It simply works... we have a couple of ipads for business use in our office and the lack of file manager is a pain.
    (google drive/skydrive integration would be nice, as would ability to define network shares, and rar integration, though iUnarchive is great)

    Drag and Drop - I can hook it up via USB, and then drag and drop whatever files I want to it, pdf, doc, zip, mp3, wma, mp4, avi, mkv. No conversion, no proprietary software

    Expandable storage - I've filled a 16 gb card with the movie sales. So I just grab a 32 gb card, copy stuff over, and carry on.

    HDMI - we had a situation at easter where we wanted to watch a film we had on the ipad and on the z10. Grabbed the hdmi adapter from my bag, and hey presto its on the tv...

    Playon - not something I use often since its a bit hit and miss and doesn't work with the Drm movies, but my xbox, laptop etc can all wirelessly grab stuff off my phone...

    Next/Submit - I love the way it knows what a username and password box is and just works for moving between them. It's more obvious when you try and login to an android app and it's missing this.

    Sensible Settings - we had an issue with an iPad the other day, where an app needed location settings turning on. And apple hide them under privacy? on bb10, stuff is kinda where you expect it, ie under location settings!

    Exchange - I've done a lot of support this year with people using exchange servers, either their own, or hosted ones or office365 ones... without fail, there's been issues setting things up. not so for my z10, which has worked flawlessly for testing these servers every time with no fuss. Its incredible how fast you can add a server, send a test email, and delete the settings!

    Word Suggestion - I use my phone for work (it support, software development), hobby (rpg's) and communication with friends and schools. The keyboard seems to know within a few presses which I'm typing to and tailors the word suggestions appropriately.

    The Led - I used to use bebuzz on my 9800, but hub++ was the first and while it has some issues, is brilliant for me. I couldn't cope without my different coloured led settings!

    Share menu - I take a picture and with a single flick, I can send it to twitter etc. And it knows which I'm likely to use, and then within that, who I'm most likely to send it to. Cool! Just wish it could do twitter/facebook at the same time

    Flash - sure it's not used much on the Web anymore, but I love how when it detects a site with flash, it asks me if I want to enable flash, and then just works...

    I'm sure there's tons of stuff I'm forgetting, but to me that's the sign of a great phone, where the stuff you use day in day out doesn't have to stand out as being amazing because... it just works...

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    OP, liked your follow up on what just works with your Z10. I got tickled at my wife who has an iPhone 4s. She didn't know how to get her emoji's to be available when typing. She had to open her help to find the answer, close help and open settings and get to where she needed, then close settings to go back to the instructions to get the next couple of steps, then reopen her settings to do what needed to be done. A lot of open and close where with active frames it would have been a lot quicker and easier.

    Thanks for a good post. Appreciate it.

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