01-18-14 01:50 AM
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    Exactly! As beautiful as the z30 is, it's just too large to be carrying around in the pocket imo. And I certainly don't want a phone that size holstered on my hip. I have a co-worker who has a Galaxy Note 3 and wears it on his hip. It's just too much. Honestly I would rather have the z30 in every way but it's just not practical for my needs strictly due to its size.

    Agreed. I hope the follow up to the Z10 will keep the same dimensions but put in a bigger battery.

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    01-17-14 09:45 PM
  2. ajst222's Avatar
    No you wouldn't be crazy. If you prefer a smaller from factor then the Z10 is still a great phone. Each have a big negative where the other has the positive. The Z10 battery life is pathetic and it's fantastic on the Z30. But the screen on the Z30 isn't very good and the Z10's is beautiful.

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    01-17-14 10:09 PM
  3. crazigee's Avatar
    Z30's screen is noticeably pixilated compared to the Z10, since both screens are the same resolution and the Z30 is bigger. Lower ppi on the Z30.

    When they came out with the Z30 it should have been 1080p.

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    01-17-14 11:49 PM
  4. talberry's Avatar
    Oh, I always thought that the Z30 had higher resolution!

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    01-18-14 12:33 AM
  5. Juanes Santa Cruz E's Avatar
    I would say that the OS updates makes the z10 so smooth and perfectly that it would be a little difference between the two devices, but remember that z30 has a better hardware, which means more expensive

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    01-18-14 12:49 AM
  6. crazigee's Avatar
    Oh, I always thought that the Z30 had higher resolution!

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    Nope same resolution + bigger screen = lower dpi/ppi.

    The z30 does have better hardware, but what stopped me from upgrading to the Z30 from my Z10 was the screen. That big a screen needs to be 1080p in my opinion, and really should be gorilla glass.

    Other things about the Z30 are impressive though. The speakers and natural sound are supposed to be amazing.

    Personally I'm hoping that the Z30 will be getting an update in 2014 that will include some of those screen enhancements, and then I'll upgrade for sure.

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    01-18-14 12:58 AM
  7. southlander's Avatar
    Yeah, unless you want/need wifi-calling as on T-Mo usa. Which I do. So far have not seen anyone make that happen on the Z30. Maybe with a new OS upgrade... but. I also do not find my battery life to be terrible and I do swap batteries once or twice a week. If the Z30 had wifi-calling, then maybe.
    A fair point. Yes.

    01-18-14 01:50 AM
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