1. drock3322's Avatar
    For some reason, if I create a word substitution rule to replace the letter "u" with the word "you", it doesn't capitolize the word if it's the first word in my message (ie. U -> You)

    It used to do this on OS 6, and also "ur" to "your" works fine (Ur -> Your)

    Anyone know what's up? I've tried different combinations of "use capital letters only" settings and making two separate rules (one for "u" and one for "U") but none of them work the right way they're supposed to.
    03-08-13 06:37 PM
  2. swishhh's Avatar
    Yeah I wrote about this to but didn't get many replies. Maybe it's just a bug that needs to be ironed out although I thought before the recent update it was fixed by selecting the match capitalization. After trying it again it doesn't work.

    Hope it gets fixed soon within the next OS update.

    Posted from my BlackBerry Z10 on CB10!
    03-08-13 06:42 PM
  3. anon(5742598)'s Avatar
    I have the same issue. Now I just type "Y" instead of "U"- and "You" is usually one of the first options

    Posted via CB10
    03-08-13 07:18 PM
  4. Cap_172R's Avatar
    10.1 should resolve all these little bugs...
    03-08-13 07:22 PM
  5. Empyrean's Avatar
    10.1 should resolve all these little bugs...
    Welcome to 10.1, where this bug still exists.
    05-04-13 05:34 PM

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