1. kingrizz's Avatar
    Or more current will the Z10 & Q10 ever be rated as highly as the Iphone ranges or S3/S4?

    In an ideal world I'd say HELL YEAH! But reality of it is probably no.

    I've read so many posts and reviews on why iphone is better or even the S4 is the greatest smartphone ever made. Even tried to enlightened people I meet about my Z10 but of course without the marketing powerhouse and hypeness Blackberry and the Z10/Q10 will always fall behind the "Top dogs".

    My view now is simply... who cares if people don't want to truly appreciate the greatness of Blackberry and OS10 that's there loss, especially for the many who assume before trying it out.

    I love my Z10 more and more each day. The slick OS, the speed, the design, the feel, the apps (yes I said apps lol.) Even yesterday I reorganised my apps and it gave me so much pleasure as sad as it sounds. Lol.

    BlackBerry may not have the abundance of quality apps at the moment that the rest do but all in good time.

    So I say, Well done Blackberry and my fellow bb10'ers. We don't need to beat Apple/Samsung because we are not in their race. It's like love (stick with me here I haven't completely lost the plot.lol), when you really love something or someone it really shows to onlookers. You don't do it to prove anything to yourself or anyone or to follow the crowd.

    Look at it like this...last ten years Manchester City spent close to $441m compared to Manchester Uniteds $170m. Football heads know the point....lol....Quality not Quantity!

    BlackBerry all day every day. Love it!

    Love My Z10, Posted via Excellent CB10
    05-10-13 06:23 AM
  2. muker1515's Avatar
    It's not if BlackBerry will be higher than apple or android, look at apples popularity...it's going down. so maybe the only way BlackBerry can beat them is if the competition falls

    Posted via CB10
    05-10-13 08:20 AM
  3. fredrismos's Avatar
    I believe the major goal is satisfaction

    Every phone brand aims at satisfying customers and i just don't believe in that race anymore. If you are satisfied with your Z10 then who cares what anyone else thinks.

    Posted via CB10
    05-10-13 08:27 AM
  4. earlym's Avatar
    Will BB ever be as highly rated as iPhone or S3/S4. Yes. If you are comparing specs alone of the devices, BB currently (and the future) offers a lot of features the others don’t. I believe that in the near future (1-2 years), all phones will reach the near same level of parity and there will only be one or two features (and how they are marketed) that will separate them. All will likely have NFC, 4GLTE, hi res displays, larger size, Hub like, Balance like, fully functional Siri-like, awesomely detailed maps, apps, hi level security and more. What will separate them is the consumer perception driven by marketing.

    Comparing them to the automobile market, all cars have A/C, power steering, auto-transmissions, door handles, windows and brakes so there has to be something else to make one car company outsell another. Marketing is the way to do it. If the car is a good car, then the reviews will be positive and people will feel safe with its purchase. Marketing comes into play on “how much” you will enjoy this car over another. Playing on the Lexus versus Chevy themes.

    Smartphone companies will have to separate each other the exact same way. What Apple has done is to rev up its marketing prowess to see the future of the smartphone market and INSIST that EVERYONE in the world share in it. Their campaigns feature “I can’t live without it” expertise that cause us to yearn for them (can you say subliminal advertising - in the 50’s movie goers couldn’t understand why they “needed” Coke during the movie). That blow has been struck and there ain’t much going back.

    Apple will always be seen to the masses, those that BB didn’t think would need (or afford) a smartphone (same lack of market insight that sunk DEC in the 90’s – “No one will want a computer at home”…Apple said otherwise”) as the device of youth, vibrance, health and success and carry all of the trappings of triumph.

    Apple has revealed the computer and smartphone market as consumer driven (unlike others) and not so much business driven. Mac’s were seen in movies and television shows, but dinged as not a “business computer”. How’s that working? Awesome! Most of the pc manufacturers are gone except for the big 2, and they are struggling (that’s a conversation for another time and thread). Early BB smartphones were not colorful or jazzy enough for consumers, so Apple changed that. Add some glitz and glamour and voila, the iPhone is born! It grew out of a very popular consumer music device that married the ability to make phone calls. Same consumer market that demanded their products.

    BB will never be seen as a “cooler, hipper, smarter or necessary” device ever again. I wish it would happen, but it won’t. BB was asleep at the wheel and suffered from a lack of vision (or older vision). Remember when we get older; we get more conservative and a tunnel vision. What keeps Apple alive is walking on the edge, thinking youthful and outside of the corporate box. What’s amazing is that as a CEO if you don’t remember the demise of DEC, you will suffer this same corporate myopia.

    Just sayin!
    05-10-13 08:51 AM
  5. kingrizz's Avatar

    Love My Z10, Posted via Excellent CB10
    05-10-13 05:11 PM
  6. TorontoKhan's Avatar
    BlackBerry can beat'em if they keep abreast with technology and innovation. Z10 is a living example of it. It just lost its mojo because it came during the time of 1080P announcement. And ppl rushed to s4 and likes of it.

    I hope the Z11 will be flagship. And also I hope bb10 gets licensed out so Samsung and nokia etc can hop on for secure and innovative experience.

    Posted via CB10
    05-11-13 04:08 PM

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