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    Wondering if anyone else has the same issue. My Z10 connects to my home wifi router (a netgear dgn2200), but every so often, now once a day, it loses connection to the BlackBerry servers, but stays connected to wifi. If I turn it off via the pull down menu, it disconnects, but doesn't shut down, showing a greyed out wifi icon. If I try to turn it off from the network option in the settings menu, it still shows as being connected on the pull down settings menu. The only way to restore connection is to reboot the phone. When the connection is lost I've also noticed that my contacts go missing, but are restored on reboot.

    Anyone have any idea what this could be - other devices connect via wifi to the same router without this problem?

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    04-22-13 04:31 PM
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    Sorry, should also add I don't have this issue on regular cellular connections, I've tried wiping the phone and this hasn't fixed it either. All suggestions welcome.

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    04-22-13 04:36 PM
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    Try this:

    - reboot your router

    - reboot your phone

    -when it finishes booting, check if there is a wifi connection by going to a website

    -do not go into the Hub or open contacts.

    - leave the phone for maybe 30 minutes

    The point is to leave the contacts alone so the phone or BlackBerry server can merge update bbm server info, etc.

    Do you have a lot of contacts?

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    04-22-13 04:46 PM
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    Less than 50 contacts - what is strange is that I can be using the phone with no problems, and the connection will suddenly drop. There's no fixed time when this can happen, I can leave the phone for a couple of hours and it's fine, at other times it can happen after 10 minutes. I've tried not using any apps, and it still happens.

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    04-22-13 04:53 PM
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    Years ago, I had ALL KINDS OF ISSUES, some like what you describe, and, general overall weirdness with a Netgear router. The problems amplified when I got my Curve (8900?) that could do WiFi. NEVER got it working right.

    Finally got fed up, and bought a Cisco/LinkSys WRT160N, and everything has been working like a champ since...4+ years.

    Hate to say it, Netgears have always given me "issues".

    My "trick elbow" says, get a good router (i.e. NOT netgear)
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    04-22-13 05:15 PM
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    Strangely it only started happening about a week ago; up to that point I didn't have any issues. I've connected up to other wifi points with no problem, which would suggest a router issue, but we have 2 other blackberrys connected to the same router without any issues (both are OS7). Re the contacts issue, it almost feels like the phone is not able to read some memory somewhere when the issue starts, which then causes it to lock up - I wondered if it was really this that causes the wifi issue.

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    04-22-13 05:18 PM
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    Those OS7 phones have other hardware and perhaps better wifi compatibility with your netgear router, just a thought. The issue I was talking about was confusing in the same way. Almost everybody had other devices connected through the same router that worked without problems. Maybe check if there is a firmware update for the router? Good luck with your troubleshooting..

    You are not alone:
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    04-22-13 05:30 PM
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    So I decided to completely reset the router to see if this made a difference, and since I did, I haven't had any issues. Guess it was a glitch in the router. Thanks to all for their advice!

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    04-24-13 03:15 PM

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