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    Hey Everyone;

    Being my first post; I would like to say that I have a white Z10, bought out right from Verizon. My company pays the bill; 5G per month and I get to enjoy all the goodness of BB10 with the best 4G LTE coverage. Yes , waiting for the update was murder. I became a fan of BlackBerry through the Playbook. I have a semi investment in an Ipod / Apple TV. However, I run a business, GM to be exact. Almost 100 employees and 35 different commercial customers. The Z10 is the best phone for what I do and more. The recent business news is so overwhelming and just downright depressing sometimes. The next two weeks will be major ground layers to say the least. I am convinced that by the middle of October; much more will be clear. One more thought; I truly believe that Mike L. and Prem W. are not going to watch the company go down to the Wall Street / Barrett Jackson style auction block and not do something that ensures some sort of positive future for BlackBerry. There are too many governments, businesses and BlackBerry people to let this thing all just fade away at once. Well; that's my two sense. Hopefully it's not noncents!!! Legacy users just don't seem to like the Q10; the Z10 and maybe Z30 seem to be the right direction until BB or a new owner come up with an Q10 redux.
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    09-16-13 01:13 PM
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    I think you are right, they definitely need to offer something close to the latest phones in specs and especially screen size.
    09-16-13 01:34 PM

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