1. sumeet satapathy's Avatar
    1.when i am connecting my phone to computer with everything is working but its not charging and the same thing is happening with the charger, its showing that connected sign on the battery indicator but its not charging.

    2.no network is coming

    3.when i am using the camera its showing the error "your device need to cool down before the camera can be used"

    it is happening since a long time so due to some reason i was not using the phone but yesterday i searched the problem here and one post was there having the same problem but for Q10 so it says u have to update to latest version, i did that also but still the same problem. please help as every time i have to take out the battery and charge it with the help of a external battery charger.
    06-25-15 02:52 AM
  2. KermEd's Avatar
    I'd try a second charging cable that is plugged into the wall. You might not be getting enough power to charge.

    You could try loading the latest leaked OS. But I'm worried about the state of your phone at a hardware level a little bit...

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    06-25-15 09:42 AM

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