1. lnm27's Avatar
    I tried to update Blackberry Link on my computer but I accidentally turned off the computer before it was complete. When I turned it back on and tried to back up my Z10, it said the back up failed. Now my battery drains very quickly. Also, it says under the music icon that I have no music and under the pictures icon it says that I have no pictures. When I look under the file manager, it shows that I have music and pictures on both my device and the media card. Any suggestions on how to rectify these problems would be greatly appreciated.
    02-25-15 07:25 PM
  2. Just TM's Avatar
    You might try to uninstall BBlink then reinstall clean.
    I have seen where my phone takes awhile to find music
    on the sd card upon reboots link may also be slow
    02-25-15 07:57 PM

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