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    Hi, guys! My Z10 STL100-1 just recently crashed. It wasn't sending any messages (which happens a lot) so I restarted it and when I did that, it won't start again. It got stuck in the blackberry logo loading screen. I had it reformatted so it's working now with the OS Problem is, the universal search button is not working (as in I can't tap on it, the button is light gray), and I can't find the media apps as well (music, photos, videos, as well as file manager, etc). I already tried restarting it or removing the battery and putting it back. I also did a Security Wipe as well as a restore using Blackberry Link. The search button is still not working and media apps are still missing. What do I do? :/
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    11-14-14 07:16 PM
  2. Faizan Syed's Avatar
    You installed a Developer OS. Here go to this link https://drive.bitcasa.com/send/6tMMp...TxmWJScGeY_fgQ
    Download and install. I believe you know how to install since you've installed the Developer OS.

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    11-14-14 08:00 PM

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