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    I bought my blackberry z10 on 17/oct/2014,before the camera was okay but recently its not working even the torch .On restart when the Camera is started for the 1st time the camera App starts but the screen goes Black, all the options are visible and accessible but even switching the camera from back to front does not start the camera hence it means both the cameras are not working.

    If close the camera app and start it again then it says "The Camera cannot be started"

    I tried every possible solution mention on the net but nothing works.

    I tried to restart the Phone

    I pulled out the battery and waited for some mins and then put it back again but it did not work.

    I did a Security wipe but it did not work.

    I updated the 10 OS again it did not work.

    kindly help
    04-21-15 06:13 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    sounds like its a hardware issue. what OS are you using?
    04-21-15 06:32 AM

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