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    I have a 2 1/2-year old Verizon BB Z10 and have been trying for MONTHS to update the very old OS on it. I've used (1) the mobile network, (2) my WI-FI at home (fairly fast cable provider), and (3) BB Link on my MacBook Pro computer (running OSX 10.10). In all cases, either the download stalls or (more frequently) the download completes but the installation stalls and I get a message that the update can not be completed and please try again. Verizon could not help me; BB has been trying to help me over the phone. I've spent probably 6 - 8 hours on the phone with the two of them recently. Not really sure of the competency level of the representatives I'm dealing with, though. Does anyone here have any ideas? (I've always been Android, but with the Galaxy 6 no longer having changeable batteries or a Micro-SD card, and the troubles with the Z10, I'm trying to figure out whether I can continue to resist the allure of an iPhone. Can someone help me before I go down that path?)
    05-11-15 04:00 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    The best way to update a phone (especially a large update like 10.(not 3) to 10.3.1) is to use an autoloader, but that has two problems:
    1. It wipes the phone
    2. It requires a Windows PC

    Do you have Boot Camp, perchance?
    05-11-15 04:13 PM

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