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    First of all, replacing the phone is not a possibility for me right now.

    My Z10 all of a sudden started to work in a weird way, I opened apps and it bounced to the home screen and the app (any app) did not open. I restarted the phone and it did the same, restarted again and did the same, the hub didn't work properly. I would open emails and go back to hub but it wouldn't be mark as read. Other things in hub like facebook or whatsapp didn't open. I hard reset it. It did the same thing. Then I decided to delete an app. Restart and did the same, hard reset again and I just got blinking lights in a pattern... 1_1111.

    I have research this issue and it someone talks about internal memory error.

    I gave up on getting my data back. So currently I've been trying to reload the OS.

    Via BlackBerry Link, Via Internet Explorer without sucess.

    Additionally with Leak 10.3, 10.0 and lastest cfp. Since the leaks and cfp run in a command prompt I can see any error message.

    All of them get stuck after "Uploading Ram Image".

    Basically the phone will do the following

    No Battery+No USB = NO LED

    Battery Only = LED Turns Hard Red for 15 seconds then 101111 led code loops

    NO Battery + USB Connection = LED Turns Hard Red for 15 seconds then 101111 led code loops

    Battery+USB = LED Turns Hard Red for 15 seconds then 101111 led code loops


    If I run any autoloader while the hard 15 sec. led is on. The LED automatically turns off, the program loads the ram image and just as fast it starts looping 101111. The program hangs until phone is disconnected. Or I reset the phone by pressing and holding power button for 10 seconds.

    If program (autoloader) displays connecting to bootrom: and LED is looping 101111 nothinig will happen unless I disconnect the phone from USB which will then say comm error, USB disconnected or something like that. And the other possibility is that I press and hold the power button for ten seconds, which will lead to the phone displaying a hard red led, and the program will do one of two things. Load 100% of the RAM IMAGE and hang, or load 0% of ram image and hang. Which ever the case, After each hang the phone will be looping 101111.


    Sometimes the phone turns on, a BlackBerry white text with small logo appears and the phone hangs there and does nothing. And additionally is not recognized by the PC while in this state.

    Sometimes the Green LED turns on Hard and the phone turns off.(Even if connected to PC, with or without Battery)

    Sometimes the Green LED turns on Hard for 15 seconds and 101111 loops (yes, with green light, I'm assuming this is a glitch) (Only happens when I'm resetting the phone for 10 seconds and promptly try to load the OS via autoloader, doesn't do it 100% of the time.)

    I've been trying for two days with this. without much success.

    So, after trying a lot of things now, I'm asking the community.
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    Double check your LED code against:
    Blinking LED - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    If it is Code #47 - 101111 - Flash Write Failure (*Tip: try replacing flash)
    and you still can not get it to reload the OS, try a bootrom autoloader.
    Browse here or goto to your carrier/device page on Blackberry.com:

    If you still get the same error after a autoloader, then your device has a hardware issue.
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