05-01-13 11:20 PM
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  1. Ryan Ball's Avatar
    I like the Q10 but I still prefer my Z10.

    Posted via CB10
    05-01-13 04:51 PM
  2. Nabooy's Avatar
    Q10 or not, with or without keyboard, I'm in love with my Z10 already so I'm holding to that.
    05-01-13 05:02 PM
  3. Baseball619's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    05-01-13 05:07 PM
  4. AlwaysSmile's Avatar
    I am keeping it

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    05-01-13 05:08 PM
  5. pantlesspenguin's Avatar
    I never had the intention to sell it once the Q10 hit, so yup I'm keeping it.
    05-01-13 05:09 PM
  6. Alain_A's Avatar
    when I had my 9700 I couldn't type on that thing cause it was too small. before that had the storm full screen which was perfect for me till it broke after 1 year then tried other platform cause I wanted a full screen..

    Z10 for me..I don't think the Q10 will be as good as the Z cause you still have to touch the screen on the Q to do something with it and screen is small.
    05-01-13 05:09 PM
  7. ruisilvs's Avatar
    Have the z10 for couple months. I tried the Q10. Nothing refreshing about it. Keyboard is nice, but it looks identical to my older 9900 when you hold it and q 10 has a small screen. The z10 is another league. Big screen which makes the smartphone a joy to use and it's touch keyboard is awesome. I now realise why android n is sets have been doing so well.

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    05-01-13 05:10 PM
  8. talberry's Avatar
    Definitely me!!!
    05-01-13 05:31 PM
  9. Snap51's Avatar
    Keeping my Z.

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    05-01-13 05:32 PM
  10. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    Totally staying with the Z (though if the Aristo materializes I may be tempted)
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    05-01-13 05:34 PM
  11. ezrunner's Avatar
    I will rock both

    Posted via CB10
    05-01-13 05:41 PM
  12. pandapurple's Avatar
    Definitely keeping. I appreciate the bigger screen. So long as the Z10 keeps getting improvements through timely software upgrades.

    Posted via CB10
    05-01-13 05:43 PM
  13. nemo7's Avatar
    Michael Jackson

    Posted via Zzzzzzzzzz10
    05-01-13 05:49 PM
  14. trynacu2's Avatar
    I love my Z. I would have the both if I could afford it
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    05-01-13 05:52 PM
  15. silverbullet's Avatar
    Me. Just played with a Q10. Screen is too small

    Keyboard is amazing though.

    Black is best Z10!
    05-01-13 05:53 PM
  16. chipmiester's Avatar
    keeping my z10 but must admit am liking the new nokia lumia's windows phones, got a lumia 800 running 7.8 (same as windows 8) getting it unlocked at the moment its a great looking and well built phone can see me swapping between the z10 and lumia 800 on a regular basis, love the live tiles on windows phones too. z10 rocks though am well pleased with it!!!!!!!!
    05-01-13 05:55 PM
  17. Shockhorror's Avatar
    I've been using both Z10 and Q10 and hard as is it to say I will be sticking with the Z10.
    05-01-13 06:23 PM
  18. willowbeast's Avatar
    I'm keeping it for a while still.

    Z10 on Rogers
    05-01-13 06:31 PM
  19. edu3110's Avatar
    I'm in love with my Z10 as well, but I'm seriously considering getting a Q10.

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    05-01-13 06:32 PM
  20. eldricho's Avatar
    Considering between the Z and Q, but the Z is pulling me more and more in. Still don't have none of them tho

    Who's keeping their Z10?-37445601.jpg
    05-01-13 06:33 PM
  21. NursingNinja's Avatar
    I really like the keyboard on the z10 to be perfectly honest. Also it's nice to have the larger screen for video. For me physical keyboard is a plus but not a must.

    Posted via CB10
    05-01-13 06:35 PM
  22. arukaen's Avatar
    I'm getting both. One for each hand.
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    05-01-13 06:37 PM
  23. KermEd's Avatar
    I'm keeping both

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    05-01-13 06:37 PM
  24. nhanken's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    05-01-13 06:38 PM
  25. husnain1's Avatar
    considering I shelled out 531 dollars to buy the z10 I am DEFINITELY keeping it. besides it is total awesomeness
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    05-01-13 06:42 PM
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