05-02-13 08:30 PM
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  1. dmoore228's Avatar
    Yea. Waiting to see what nokia announces in a couple weeks. Looking at this, htc one, galaxy s4, or lumia 920. All on att.

    Any NHL app yet?
    05-02-13 07:52 PM
  2. KR2013's Avatar
    Recently bought a Z10, and currently using both the Z10 and my previous iPhone 4. I am waiting for the fix of the 30 day email issue and a couple of other apps to show up officially (not side loaded Android ) on BB10 before I make the Z10 my only daily phone. I really like the Z10, and the more I use it, the less I want to use the iPhone.

    Posted via Z10
    05-02-13 08:11 PM
  3. shante1012's Avatar
    I'm currently using an iPhone 4S and will be getting my z10 soon. I had BB before and really missed it so I'm excited to be back
    05-02-13 08:30 PM
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