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    Someone posted a thread where their Picture Password did not work. There was a suggestion to use BB Protect to change the password.

    I had not used Protect in a while so I logged on and tried locating my device - NOPE. Then I tried the rest of the message/sound alerts. Nope, again

    Message to the effect: "BB Protect will try again once the phone has cellular connection"

    Well, wifi and phone and data were active. I was getting messages in hub and wifi was also active.

    So I pressed the Power button and Restarted. Sure enough the NOISE started and the message appeared.

    BUT if I'm trying to find my phone that means I'm probably not near it and canNOT restart it. This makes Protect a bit problematic!

    Ideas, other than NOT relying on Protect to help find my phone (unless I've found it and restarted it!!!!!)?
    01-26-14 10:17 AM
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    What I've seen on mine is, sometimes it will not work on wifi. So, switch off wifi and it finds it on network. Or, the other way around. Not sure why...
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    01-26-14 10:50 AM
  3. cupid4ig's Avatar
    Blackberry protect as far as am concerned is useless in the blackberry OS10. BlackBerry Protect works well with BlackBerry legacy devices but ducks on the bb10. It's currently disabled in my Z

    Posted via CB10
    01-26-14 01:26 PM

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