04-23-13 09:14 AM
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  1. curvezzz's Avatar
    Gotta love unlimited data. I wish I could check what I've actually used but ill just wait until my bill shows up. Data usage is on there

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    What carrier?

    Posted via CB10 from my AT&T Z10
    03-21-13 05:45 PM
  2. CDM76's Avatar
    So I'm day 5 of my allowance and have already hit the 'fair usage policy' for my unlimited Internet on t mobile, something is not right. I have wi fi on at home and I don't do anything I haven't done in the past when using previous BlackBerry devices... I'm confused. What am I doing wrong?

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    Ummmm did you set up your home wifi on the Z10. Have you done many video chats thru BBM when not on wifi? Obviously something isn't set properly as that is abnormal. It's expected to use SOME more data than before but not much more.

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    03-30-13 09:04 PM
  3. tw1g_007's Avatar
    I am on Att unlimited and use roughly 9-10gigs a month.

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    03-30-13 09:07 PM
  4. Jerryg50's Avatar
    The question about the amount of data used by different people is sort of ambiguous. This is a complicated question, because data usage is according to the user's internet habits, the amount of emails received and sent, and especially the amount of media streaming.

    I have been using the Z10 since Feb 5th. Over the first month I used about 800MB. I am on the phone for most of the day. I am receiving about 50 to 80 emails per day. I write about 20 emails per day. I do some browser based financial transactions. I do a lot of news reading on various news sites. I watch some news videos but not vary many.

    The Z10 uses more data than older Blackberry phones. The designed data compression of the Z10 is a lot less than previous versions of Blackberry phones. The other aspect of this phone is the video transfer will operate in full HD mode of the source data is in this mode. Music transfer is also less compressed. This alone will use a lot more data. The less compression allows for greater speed for operation because there is less format conversion required.

    For general use I would recommend to my friends to have at least 2GB/mo of data bandwidth available for this phone. Compared to the older Blackberry phones it uses much more data. From my own experience from what I saw it does not use more data than any of the other competing phone models.
    03-30-13 09:21 PM
  5. marmad74's Avatar
    It's simple if you are on unlimited data plan you don't have to worry. Would you like to watch HD video or send pictures and music and have open many applications? Of course you would this us smartphone. Less stress better life.

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    04-07-13 06:32 AM
  6. pandapurple's Avatar
    No music, no movies ... 70% of time I get WIFI ... Within a month, I could not even hit 1 GB. I have a 3 GB plan.
    04-07-13 06:57 AM
  7. queenee2's Avatar
    I too am using large amounts of data I'm on o2 this is ridiculous!!! Any suggestions
    04-23-13 08:37 AM
  8. kidmac13's Avatar
    Bout 2.1gb for the month I have had it.

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    04-23-13 08:46 AM
  9. queenee2's Avatar
    Turning off security permission for apps free up data?

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    04-23-13 09:14 AM
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