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    With all these NSA stories coming out, BlackBerry is potentially in a great position, especially if they can offer some sort of increased security features for regular consumers, and not just for business users. But what if we wake up to the following headline:

    'BlackBerry's Code is Cracked'

    Or something similar? Do we reckon BlackBerry have the talent left to seal any possible breaches in their security quickly after such a thing, and do we think they could survive the media damage?

    Just a thought. I hope I am with BlackBerry for life, but it's something I wonder.

    Also, I've never really been clear on the reports last year that the UK had cracked into BlackBerry phones to spy on foreign diplomats...what came of that, was that issue ever sorted out - sealed and fixed? at the time I believe BlackBerry just said that they didn't comment on such things and that there was no back door etc.?

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    01-17-14 04:27 AM
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    Whose to say they haven't already been? - http://forums.crackberry.com/general...1/#post9862525
    01-17-14 04:31 AM
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    BlackBerry Messenger does not encrypt messages, it obfuscates them with a global key. This is a big thing as once the global key is known, it's merely a matter of intercepting the traffic and unobfuscating it. BIS users and non-BES BB10 users all use one and the same key to 'scramble' BBM messages so it will only take a subpoena to acquire it from BlackBerry.

    Google to find out what happened in India and the Emirates...

    Only BES admins can change the key and therefore making it harder for third parties to find the key.

    I can highly recommend this article about this topic: https://www.christopher-parsons.com/...nger-security/

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    01-17-14 05:18 AM
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    I personally have not been suffering from the delusion that BlackBerrys or BBM are our personal little James Bond phones on which we have perfect security.

    I'm asking how BlackBerry as a company will deal with being linked to NSA scandals, etc., or to a lack of security instead of a source or gold standard security.

    I'd read all those articles already. Still, the German government didn't switch Merkel to BlackBerry because they weren't up on the news. BlackBerry phones still seem to be best on security, at least by comparison.

    I think the best situation would be a BlackBerry that offers security to regular consumers against hackers, while complying with governments and law enforcement agencies. This situation would also include a BlackBerry that offers security to businesses and governments against hacking, spying, etc. This is all anyone can expect, really.

    There would be no shame or scandal in BlackBerry having to state publicly that they were forced to provide access to communications because of official government warrents. That simply diverts blame to the governments and not the company.

    What we don't want is BlackBerry getting blind-sided all over the place by breaches they weren't even aware of. That's the difference.

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    01-17-14 06:41 AM

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