02-07-14 12:28 PM
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  1. goldie335's Avatar
    Im a turd? And one that BlackBerry told doesn't need his emails past 1 month.


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    04-01-13 09:32 AM
  2. raino's Avatar
    Android 4.2.2
    So does the most advanced OS have the ability to set different volumes for the phone ringer and notifications yet?
    04-01-13 01:15 PM
  3. Sexy Sadie's Avatar
    The BB user always stands out in a crowd.
    04-01-13 02:41 PM
  4. BB12MX's Avatar
    Says that I am a bussiness person, I use it to keep tracking of my work, also says I am not impressed by the fashion

    Looks great on me, also I look great
    04-01-13 03:16 PM
  5. Blacklatino's Avatar
    LOL Edit. Depends. If one is a fan boy or longtime user, it's business as usual. If you're coming from Android. Or Apple and this is your first BlackBerry , some are probably confused from trying to sift thru what's important......and what's BS. Regardless of what category, it says you didn't give up on BlackBerry.
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    04-01-13 03:17 PM
  6. francesdeanna's Avatar
    Im a BB fan. Its a great tool and I love it.
    04-01-13 04:03 PM
  7. torndownunit's Avatar
    It shouldn't say anything. Well adjusted people don't care what phone you are using, and you shouldn't care what phone they are using. If you like a Blackberry, you should be happy with your decision to use one without having to either worry about what others think, or trying to force your opinion on them.

    To each their own, but the people on here saying that others will judge how professional you are based on your phone... come on, be realistic. You can like your phone and still be realistic.
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    04-01-13 04:10 PM
  8. torndownunit's Avatar
    Then, by default, there's somethign better than BB that their users are missing.

    The "bandwagon" claim keeps running strong on team BB. But there's a difference between being a lemming and following others just to follow. People left BB beacuse they were stale, not responding to the demands of the market, and no longer offered a compelling product for the average consumer. That's not jumping on a bandwagon, it's moving on to a better product. Some BB fans did that, and are now coming back to the Z10. Some will stay gone.

    There are also a large number of very successful people who use iPhone and Android for business purposes, and not for games. The fact that poorly chosen point is still brought up is a great illustration of how the blackberry colored glasses affect one's view of things. Not to mention the fact that with the new OS, BB themselves demonstrated the need for a versatile system that could do both communications and entertainment well. Do you really think they would have bothered to do so if they didn't see the necessity? They aren't pretending that only businesspeople use their devices, or that people only use them for work, so why are their fans?

    ****, out of my friends alone, I can name Dr's, small business owners, IT/engineers, salespeople (retail, outside and inside) teachers, Non-profit managers, and various other business positions that use iPhone and Android and are all very busy, and very connected.

    Standing out in the rain after everyone else goes inside doesn't make you an individual, it just makes you wet. (I don't mean that in a rude way, but staying due to your BB loyalty is no better than trying something new - especially considering the quality of products on the market in the last 2 years.)

    Look at threads like this (or tons of others around here) BB users certainly care about the stereotype, they use them all the time. They push the strerotype of other platform users being sheep, mindless, followers, etc. while holding on to the idea they are important "do-ers" because they stick with BB. Even in your own post it's there. A "free thinker" isn't afraid to look at a different platform objectively to see it's benefits, or to look at his/hers and see it's flaws, and then base a decision on that. And they really wouldn't believe that entrepreneurial spirit, and top notch commnuications would be limited to BB users.

    Sorry for the rant, but really, with all the issues around for BB, how is this important? It gives a terrible impression to say that you judge someone based on their choice of smartphone. Time would be better spent looking at things that need fixed on the platform and how to fix them. While I don't carry a BB anymore, I would love to see them be successful. Not being a "sheep," I would certainly consider returning to BB if they offered a solution that fit my needs. At the very least, if they make some noise, it will push the rest of the market to keep innovating, and everyone would benefit.
    This post should be on automatic bump.
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    04-01-13 04:15 PM
  9. wolf_359's Avatar
    My choice of BB says nothing to anyone. At least not intentionally. I choose BB because i like the features and security, not some feeling of loyalty to a brand or to display some sort of image to people. It's just a phone......a good one, but still a phone.
    04-01-13 04:27 PM
  10. qbnkelt's Avatar
    After the amount of dumbing down of notifications and profile settings that has happened with BB10, this might not be the best time to argue about these kinds of settings....

    .....just sayin'......
    04-01-13 04:56 PM
  11. raino's Avatar
    After the amount of dumbing down of notifications and profile settings that has happened with BB10, this might not be the best time to argue about these kinds of settings....

    .....just sayin'......
    I know...I know...but I'm not one going around claiming that BB10 is the most advanced OS out there
    04-01-13 05:01 PM
  12. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I know...I know...but I'm not one going around claiming that BB10 is the most advanced OS out there
    This is true, love...

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    04-01-13 05:23 PM
  13. anon5129477's Avatar
    So what is the most advanced OS in your opinion??.

    HAAHAh Zing ! Good one Spawn! made me laugh!
    04-01-13 06:32 PM
  14. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    I own Blackberries, iPhones, an iPad, and Android devices.

    If phones defined me as a person I would be schizophrenic.
    Yes you are!! You know that don't you ? ...Well at least one of you know that.
    04-01-13 06:47 PM
  15. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    Nah It says I'm an opportunist waiting for the stock to go Apple crazy and bail!
    04-01-13 06:49 PM
  16. LazyEvul's Avatar
    It says I'm a boss...

    ...or maybe that I like BlackBerry's. Whichever one floats your boat.
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    04-01-13 06:51 PM
  17. andresp's Avatar
    Maybe I'm too old but if you ask me

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    04-01-13 07:09 PM
  18. andresp's Avatar
    "Enough games. Let's get to Work.". That would be my idea of marketing this brand.

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    04-01-13 07:10 PM
  19. dejongj's Avatar
    There are two things that come in my mind when I see hear a blackberry user.

    1. Boring business person who hasn't got their own phone. Bit of a technophobe especially those that did get is personally and use that awful bis system whilst thinking it is the bee knees. The ones that only just now are moving to the iPhone

    2. Some chavy youth organising a riot on their BBM channel.

    They've got a lot of work to do to change the image around and heck I like my Z10 for the last nearly two months.

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    04-01-13 07:14 PM
  20. CLCL's Avatar
    I I am not sure the "keeps you moving" positioning is connecting with how people see themselves. Or, perhaps it is just not powerful enough to gain attention of the zeitgeist.?
    Totally agree. It does not emotionally touch anyone. Using the new blackberry doesn't relate myself to anything, and the "for people who do" is too ambiguous in general. I think they should target to relate to CEOs, successful people in business (that's their root), mature, respected, serious people, wall street types, rational buisness leaders, Billioniares, highflyers, business travellers, people in business with a family and kids, people who aspire to climb their corporate ladders. Make people feel they need to show up with a blackberry to a business meeting to be treated seriously.

    Then make Apple looks like toys for kids and weird hipsters, and make Samsung and Android like a cheap plastic products for geeks.
    04-01-13 07:23 PM
  21. Enyigma's Avatar
    Would not say much about me because I would not be using a phone in many situations where people around me would even notice what brand I carried unless I was sharing something with them (pictures, info, videos and the like).

    I place more importance on etiquette and manners around others when using a phone rather than a person's choice of phone brands.

    I do leave the BB tagline in place for e-mail replies though. Shows I'm happy with my own choice.
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    04-01-13 07:30 PM
  22. SnapzGEG's Avatar
    ..it says that I am a Professional with a sense of faith and will stick by my clients no matter what. I can be trusted to see things through.
    04-01-13 07:33 PM
  23. wentouch's Avatar
    The word, optimistic, comes to mind.
    04-01-13 07:51 PM
  24. fairfaxnut's Avatar
    Hey what happened to the stereotype of BlackBerry's are for drug dealers? I guess this was a legacy stereotype that morphed over the years before blackberry was popular.

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    04-01-13 08:51 PM
  25. Tank1978's Avatar
    Most kids, or adults get the iphone cause they think it's the phone to get. My blackberry says loyalty, and patience...
    04-01-13 10:31 PM
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