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  1. Dzyen's Avatar
    Get rid of the ugly grey box around icons. Can't stand it
    06-12-13 02:10 PM
  2. bharanicbe's Avatar
    Simple password input

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    06-12-13 02:11 PM
  3. bharanicbe's Avatar
    Battery life to be improved and feature to stop back round services

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    06-12-13 02:14 PM
  4. brunolovesbrit's Avatar
    More camera features (including more photo effects in the editor), emojis, new paragraphs in BBM and txts.

    I'll edit the post if something else will pop in my mind

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    06-12-13 02:15 PM
  5. will_0708's Avatar
    Sorry if it's been mentioned before but I'd love to see an expansion of the type and go feature where it interprets what you type and performs the action like making a calender appointment or adding something to the remember app. That'd be killer for me. Probably only best for Q10 owners though I guess.

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    06-12-13 02:16 PM
  6. Jonathan Richard's Avatar
    I would absolutely like to be able to to pick individual led colours and patterns notification for individual contacts and separate email accounts as currently contacts email and phone calls all blink red. I like have different colours and patters so I can tell if it's an important email or a good friend texting or just a random person etc.

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    06-12-13 02:17 PM
  7. compaqdeskpr's Avatar
    Camera/Screen Capture
    • Native timer feature to allow you to get in the shot
    • Native Panoramic pictures to capture those beautiful landscapes
    • Better Low light abilities
    • A fix for white eyes (not red eyes) I find this happens a lot in night shots with the flash on the Z10
    • WHY can’t we use the Flash for the time shift camera feature? Even if it just stays on like it does for the video recording mode would be better than pure darkness.
    • After Screen capture it would be nice to have easy access to the image like after you take a picture with the camera by having the image at the bottom left hand corner of the screen
    Pictures/Picture Editing
    • An option to start in recent or albums
    • After you edit a picture the option to save and replace or Save as an edited file
    Auto Text
    • We need Carriage return in the auto text (for those long messages that I keep sending and for different signatures on emails etc)
    • Carriage return on BBM
    Alarm & Bedside Mode
    • Multiple alarm times
    • More clock faces and colours
    • Bedside mode the ability to choose a profile in bedside mode not just (allow phone to ring, The ringer I have in the daytime gives me a heart attack when it rings at night. Also I would like to receive BBMs at night but not Text messages, I use BBM for Business)
    • An option in bedside mode to have certain contacts marked as important to ring through in bedside mode. Example your child or mother, etc..
    • Have an option in bedside mode to allow important contacts to ring through. Be able to mark a contact as important in contacts
    • I’d like to see the Question mark with the letters not the numbers. Who uses the ? with the numbers????
    • Pattern Phone lock or a pin lock would be great.
    • Make a timer option to have the Hub reset to where you like it when you leave the hub to go to another app New users are very confused when they go to the hub and they are in a BBM conversation or a text conversation etc
    • The ability to post a status update to multiple places (like on my old 9900) change my status to “who wants to Party tonight” on Facebook, twitter, BBM, Whatsapp, etc…
    Main screen
    • A customizable info bar at the top of the screen
    o Have an option to show the date along with the time
    o Show battery percentage
    o Weather
    o Battery percentage
    Voice Control
    • Add more features and functionality to voice control
    • Have an option to get emails read to you (maybe when blue tooth is on or have a driving mode)
    • Have an option to have web pages read to you.
    • Don’t auto start playing music when the blue tooth connects
    • voice control change songs while driving obviously need a driving mode profile maybe on Bluetooth connection
    • Ability to view songs in a list, not only by genre, artist, or album
    • Normalize for Music app, ensures the same output level consistently. Most music apps have this feature
    • An easy to access desktop or mobile mode
    • An option to start at homepage, recent, or favorites

    • Be able to click on a number in a web page and call it
    Files folders and app options
    • Fit more than 16 shortcuts in a folder (I have 2 games folders because all my games won’t fit into one folder)
    • Be able to create a folder within a folder.
    • Password protect a file (photo, document, video, etc..)
    • Have the option of installing apps on the Memory card due to lack of space on the device
    • Password protect an app (you may not want someone to open your Facebook, etc.)
    • The ability to customize different ring tones and volumes for different email accounts
    • Phone ringer seems to be too low most of the time
    • Data usage monitor
    • Sometimes when you zoom into a web page or email you can’t scroll around in it please fix that.
    • DON’T bring up the volume in the middle of the screen when I lower or raise the volume. Make it see through and smaller and maybe even lower
    • It would be cool to swipe minimized applications away (like on the playbook) as well as clicking the x to close them. Mot very important functionally but just really cool.
    • Live and/or panoramic wallpapers that extend to multiple pages are cooln
    Apps improvements
    • Facebook – share a post
    • Facebook – view video in landscape
    • Music Player-Driving mode ability (big buttons)
    • Contacts-Auto link same contacts or option to delete multiple records
    • Jelly bean 4.2 player so we can get more apps that aren’t yet available to us
    • Make installing bar files easier just like android allows you to click on an apk and install it. Why can't we do that with a bar file?
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    06-12-13 02:17 PM
  8. AYUB HAZIZ1's Avatar
    More stable, better gaming and more hd etc but MST of all it would be nice to download from the app store or Google play

    Posted via CB10
    06-12-13 02:19 PM
  9. WhiteSpir1t's Avatar
    How about scratching out android compatibility and replacing it with iOS compatibility?

    Posted via QNX 8.0.0 MSM8960_V3.2.1_F_R070_Rev:19 armle
    06-12-13 02:19 PM
  10. michote's Avatar
    Fix CardDav to work with owncloud (CalDav is fixed in 10.1, so come on)
    06-12-13 02:19 PM
  11. lui22's Avatar
    Set customers blinkers on the LED
    Haptic feedback on the keyboard.
    When swiping in the media player for when I want to skip to a certain time make less sensitive so I don't go back to my library or previous screen.
    Landscape home screen when connected to media dock

    Chat head like pop up notification that is transparent.
    Brightness control when swiping down
    Fast toggles in the lock screen when swiping down
    Better photos app. More apple-esc unfortunatly
    More NFC compatibility with other devices like the galaxy's 4

    Hot spot toggle from swipe down or custom toggles

    Theming engine.
    Ability to add more media in movie maker
    The play books podcasting app

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    06-12-13 02:20 PM
  12. malluco's Avatar
    a sync with address book and calendar or tasks, an option to do a meet with a contact directly from address book, with the option to share from pin, email, sms or another methods...
    06-12-13 02:21 PM
  13. Humamovic's Avatar
    Please fix the Ping!! In bbm make it vibrate when some one ping me,also I want viber and tango ti come back I wait theses app for many years in blackberry..
    It's very important to me please and thank u

    Posted via CB10
    06-12-13 02:21 PM
  14. Rayysai's Avatar
    I simply want a refined BBM chat history experience. Right now it is horrendous. We don't even know where the chat history is saved on the phone to open up that file on our computer and do a ctrl+f since the phone can't do it on it's own.

    Also, I want BBM chat history to be like it was before: compartmentalized into days,months, year. I also want to be able to search my chat only within certain parameters (i.e. Only within a certain time frame, only with a certain upper or lower case spelling)

    This above all, for me, is what I'd like in 10.2

    Edit : also, it seems that when I get long messages in BBM, they sometimes just fade out without being able to see the whole message. I have to copy and paste that message into the remember app to see what was actually written. How anti-blackberry-flow is that?

    Edit2: also, fix the contacts app! I have people in my contacts app that don't appear in my contacts app from the phone app (when I'm looking for someone to call)!

    Posted via CB10
    06-12-13 02:22 PM
  15. WhiteSpir1t's Avatar
    When I'm browsing or reading a pdf, the volume change bezel takes up the whole width of the screen and takes time for it to disappear. I'd like it transparent.

    Allow copying and pasting phone numbers in phone app.

    Ability to add fonts to phone.

    Geofence capability: our GPS picks up our location outside our residence and brings up a reminder for our appointments. *ios feature.

    Volume changer on the earphone changes volume by 2 increments instead of one. Fix it.

    A faster java script engine and lower latency when browsing Web. Our Web benchmarks are horrible.

    While having root access on our computers are no different, we would like root access on our devices to enable a more xterm friendly experience. We would then have the ability to compile our own command line utilities and realize QNX's fullest potential in a Unix environment.

    Posted via QNX 8.0.0 MSM8960_V3.2.1_F_R070_Rev:19 armle
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    06-12-13 02:23 PM
  16. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    Other than the things that we know is coming I would like to see:

    - Better Quick settings. Like volume slider, brightness slider, airplane mode, etc. Best if it is customisable. Also I would like a button there to turn off the display (like on the playbook) so i can turn the display off without using any buttons. A very very rough photoshop.

    What do YOU wanna see on 10.2?-screen-shot-2013-06-13-1.54.35-am.png

    - Make full use of the display. "Content is King". Make full use of the display no matter q10 or z10. I don't see why full touch displays couldn't use the smaller action bar on the Q10, they already use it currently in landscape mode anyway. Also, the hiding of the action bar and top bar when scrolling, like on the Q10. This will allow a lot more content.

    What do YOU wanna see on 10.2?-screen-shot-2013-06-13-1.59.23-am.png
    Just by using a smaller action bar, 1 more line of text.
    What do YOU wanna see on 10.2?-screen-shot-2013-06-13-1.56.54-am.png
    Allow the bars to be hidden, 5 & a 1/2 half lines. That's huge.
    What do YOU wanna see on 10.2?-screen-shot-2013-06-13-1.57.03-am.png
    Same in the browser. (like iOS 7) Maximise screen real estate.

    - More gestures. Like in the browser, make use of the bezel to allow navigation to previous and next page, (again, like iOS 7). This way, there is even less reliance on the URL bar for navigation, so hiding it shouldn't affect use much. Then we have a peek gesture for the hub, swipe up then right, why not something else for swipe up and left?

    Also the only bezel gestures other than swipe down for settings, and swipe up to go home, is the swiping from right bezel to go back to the home screen in the Hub. Other than that I don't see other places where the left and right gestures are in use. As mentioned above, they could use this for the back and forward for the browser, or even just the left bezel for back, since its the most used gesture.

    Perhaps they can implement the right bezel to activate fast app switching like on the playbook when you swipe in from the right bezel into the screen?

    - A way to quickly close active frames other than hitting that small "x"? And also a way to pin them in a fix location perhaps for most used apps.

    - Multiple pages in folders. I like to have just 1 page of icons, and the ability to have multiple pages would be kinda useful.
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    06-12-13 02:25 PM
  17. Tomas Carrillo's Avatar
    1.- someone taking note of what's said in this thread
    2.-Better Camera.
    3.- Subtitle on movies, and why not songs.
    4.- Live Screenshots.
    5.- the option to choose a different image for locked mode.
    6.- Support for most of gamepads.
    7.- Video and Music store for more countries.
    8.- OTG
    9.- Be able to install no business apps on sd card.
    10.- on browser to be able to use a virtual mouse.

    Posted via CB10
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    06-12-13 02:25 PM
  18. RevyRah's Avatar
    What needs to come to 10.2 are the following:

    • Email improvements (readability, security, spam filters/blocking)
    • In depth customization for profiles, contacts, BBM/SMS, notifications, themes
    • Built-in sketchbook
    • Improve Remember -When copying and pasting from some sites, the color of font and background it also copied and pasted. Not cool. Very frustrating. At least add the ability to alter background color as well in the formatting option.
    • Fully featured Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Evernote
    • Innovative use of proximity sensor, Bluetooth and NFC
    • Full Android support w access to Play Store
    • Improved options and faster access to camera
    • More fluid and visually appealing transitions from app
    • Significantly improved media player and access to it
    • Improved Bluetooth connection stability
    • Full Office file readability ... IE- rtf documents
    • Shift + Enter to jump to next line (supposedly coming in 10.1)
    • BBM Group Audio/Videochat
    • In-chat picture upload in BBM
    • Improved voice control with deeper phone access
    • Innovative multimedia viewer/management
    • The return of BBM Music (I don't care what the haters say. It was fantastic
    • Programable convenience keys
    • Significant Channels improvements : Post and comment editing / Unlimited character count / Video clip option / Channels catalog for browsing / photo ownership space to avoid lawsuits / spam blocking

    I can keep going on and on. There is a ton that BlackBerry needs to do. Stop releasing half-baked products and go all out to the capabilities we know are there in this platform.
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    06-12-13 02:29 PM
  19. azooz5005's Avatar
    I hope integration of Arabic letters on the keyboard to zoom in Arab characters and give more space to put pressure on the characters

    Arabic characters in the mini keyboard
    While English letters in the keyboard and large clear

    Merge letters ي, ى, ئ, ء in only one character is (ي) and when you press and hold the character in the rest of the characters brings you ي, ى, ئ, ء

    Integration of و letters with the letter ؤ when you press and hold the character و cleanses letters و,ؤ

    Noticed a difference the size of the letters in the keyboard Arabic and English

    Great English letters in the order and size
    While many Arabic characters and very detached, which is difficult for us to write and repeat mistakes
    Finger large and small craft something (:

    Wow ..



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    06-12-13 02:31 PM
  20. Mike_Luchia's Avatar
    For the love of God, please put back the customized Notification Profiles like they were in OS 7.1!!! Sometimes when they keep moving, they keep moving in the wrong direction and this is definitely the case with Notification Profiles! If they add that and Calendar alarms back the way they used to be this phone will be perfect.

    Sure I will like headless apps but also it would be nice to have a way to know all apps that are running at any given time and the ability to shut them down if not needed.

    06-12-13 02:32 PM
  21. griffin_4222's Avatar
    Has anyone noticed that the letter's on the z10's keyboard are always capitalized.

    They should change between capital and lower case based on what you are typing like it does on the play book.

    Posted via CB10 from z10
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    06-12-13 02:35 PM
  22. harshik's Avatar
    Pattern lock and apps such as app lock and bring back hide file option!

    Posted via CB10
    06-12-13 02:36 PM
  23. cinder0008's Avatar
    Noooo. If you want to put a number in then put a number in. Don't limit us.
    Agreed, but maybe a compromise would be the hex keypad (or whatever comes up when entering a PIN)... I think that would be nice
    06-12-13 02:36 PM
  24. Rage Riley's Avatar
    I want to collapse my BBM Categories and broadcast to a category without having to select each contact in that category!

    This was present in previous models/Os. Its so upsetting not to see it now!

    Posted via CB10 with STL 100-3, BB Z10
    06-12-13 02:37 PM
  25. bundyo's Avatar
    Bulgarian BDS and Phonetic keyboards.
    06-12-13 02:38 PM
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