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  1. dalyndion's Avatar
    Someone say something about the blurred bbm display pictures. Am getting crazy! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got the freeking z10.

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    06-11-13 08:17 PM
  2. Gunzey's Avatar

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    06-11-13 08:28 PM
  3. LamarStarr's Avatar
    Lol is this a test group. No point in voicing your opinion on what should get included in 10.2 if this forum is as far as it gets.

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    06-11-13 08:29 PM
  4. jcarlos100's Avatar
    More gestures but not over the top 1s lol

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    06-11-13 08:49 PM
  5. clmazda's Avatar
    The lock screen should have more features, like the weather, a pop up of text messages and for BBM! There is so much more they could do with the lock screen!

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    06-11-13 08:50 PM
  6. STV0726's Avatar
    I wanna see AUTO ON/OFF come back!!!!! I miss this.
    We no longer need that feature; It was replaced by random reboots.

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    06-11-13 09:00 PM
  7. mphillips828's Avatar
    The lock screen should have more features, like the weather, a pop up of text messages and for BBM! There is so much more they could do with the lock screen!

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    A lock screen like this?
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    06-11-13 09:04 PM
  8. STV0726's Avatar
    HELLO...#1 thing I want is orientation universal design.

    I want everything accessible in both portrait and landscape, and rotation lock is there for when you don't want it.

    Yes, this includes the phone app. When in landscape it should automatically use speakerphone, though for obvious reasons.

    And many developers such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, and sadly MUCH more, need to cease making the assumption that just because their apps involve scrolling, they need only make it vertical. How hard can it be to add rotation support...you did it without question previously!

    I've already said this several times before but here's the quick run down...

    Why is this so important? Two reasons:

    1. Vertical only restrictions currently present remind me I'm still just using ultimately a smartphone. But this is supposed to be a mobile computing platform right? I think if Legacy BlackBerry OS could handle universality, BlackBerry 10 can.

    2. Vertical restrictions interfere with flow. I'm always watching videos, browsing the Web, or working on a document in landscape and to peek or use active frames I have to rotate my device and that adds an extra, stupid step. Needless to say, it doesn't keep me moving.

    Please don't say "but Droid and iOS don't have horizontal home screen support". Now it is really more important than ever for BB to go leaps and bounds different.

    06-11-13 09:06 PM
  9. GSM-S's Avatar
    Call blocking
    Ability to change lock screen wallpaper, different wallpaper for each app page
    Automatic bedside mode when charging
    Flick near bezel to go to next or previous email
    Ability to keep status bar with clock on top of every app, integrate quick controls to have an option to access app settings
    LED color customization built in
    Option to toggle on/off for icon borders
    More use of gestures
    This along with with:
    * Option to lock active frames in place
    * Option to have hidden active frames or to be able to move active frames to second screen
    * Landscape orientation support on home menu
    * Theme support
    * Better battery life
    * Live wallpapers or wallpapers that move
    * Offline maps
    * Shutdown/restart/lock options in the top swipe menu or an app icon
    * Option to integrate certain Remember tasks and events to the Hub and lock screen
    * Option to auto hide the browser address bar and browse full screen
    * Option in browser to be able to hover over CSS Menus and etc

    That's all I remember right now.

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    06-11-13 09:09 PM
  10. jh07's Avatar
    Camera improvements. I think I like the pictures on 9900 better. I haven't used it a lot, but I really don't see much difference with HDR.

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    06-11-13 09:12 PM
  11. dentynefire's Avatar
    Lock screen:
    Ability to Customize
    Ability to click on next appointment and have a list fade in to show the full day or the next 2-3 events.

    Bluetooth support in Android player for Torque!

    A native bash shell for top, wget and others

    Multi select on the share screen. One is not enough.

    Speech to text in Remember app.
    06-11-13 09:20 PM
  12. DStLouis's Avatar
    Better android compatibility
    That might be a good challenge, but find a way to support Apple apps.
    Promoting BlackBerry as an uncompromising platform.

    ..Ok may be just dreaming

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    06-11-13 09:29 PM
  13. Carmels's Avatar
    It's impossible to please every consumer who purchased a BB10 device. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks! You just have to be willing to tolerate the things you're missing and hope the phone has more good points then bad ones.

    That being said and if BlackBerry cared for my opinion, I would like to see the following.

    1) I've said this a million times, automatic bedside mode upon plugging in the charger and the ability to change the LED color of that clock. RED is brutal! BRING BACK THE FLIP CLOCK AND CLEAN WHITE LED!

    2) Continued battery optimization on updates or OEM extended battery for purchase.

    3) Additional camera editing i.e. more frames, filters, effects etc. And baked in panoramic option would be fantastic!

    4) The ability to edit what is actually displayed in the HUB. So what I mean by that is, not just shutting off the notification of a profile or account but actually removing the field being displayed. I don't use Gtalk all the time, so why have it displayed on the hub as a field all the time?

    5) Remove my ringtone files from my music folder. Nothing more annoying then hearing a ringtone while listening to my music. I believe there is a work around but this should be an easy fix. Why should I the consumer of your product, have to think about a temporary solution?

    6) Give me the option to dumb down the picture and video quality, so it can be sent via SMS or email. What's the point of taking video if I can't send it off right there and then.

    7) Customizable status bar. I'm using an app now to give me the battery %, date and weather all on the main screen. It's brilliant and looks as though it should have been there from day one. This just needs to be part of the OS.

    8) Premium headphones, really? You cheaped out on your very first BB10 device, which is considered to be more of a multi media device and then decide that the Q10 is more deserving?! Anywho, it definitely would have been a nice to have, so to not feel as though purchasing the Z10 was all sprinkles but no cherry!

    9) OEM charging dock. I know there are alternatives but when it comes to my phones I don't like purchasing not OEM parts.

    10) Apps! Although I'm not overly app crazy and I've pretty much found everything I need. I do acknowledge there is a need for BlackBerry to start placing some emphasis on quality control and perhaps distinguishing ported vs. native in BlackBerry World. Also, if the decision is to continue allowing android ports ensure they're of the utmost high quality and update the runtime for God sack!

    To be honest, it was hard finding 10 points to which BlackBerry could improve on. I don't have the same qualms other members have on CB, my experience with the Z10 aside from the points above has been relatively pain free.

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    06-11-13 09:44 PM
  14. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    Noooo. If you want to put a number in then put a number in. Don't limit us.
    They should give us the options to have both Interfaces...

    Sent from my BB10 smartphone.
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    06-11-13 09:58 PM
  15. dusun1's Avatar
    Direct install apps on media card like android device, but direct, so we dont have to set the apps already in
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    06-11-13 10:12 PM
  16. valentinperalta's Avatar

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    06-11-13 10:16 PM
  17. doxa sub750T's Avatar
    Wifi calling - yes this is only for TMO but I hope to see it soon.

    Camera features improvment - not that the current one is not good. This is a feature that can help selling mobile device theses days. Look at WP or Android commercials.

    BCC - this is self explained.

    Keyboard feedback to add vibration as an option - for me it would help to feel that old tactile perception.

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    06-11-13 10:31 PM
  18. doxa sub750T's Avatar
    Oops I should add Headless app too.


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    06-11-13 10:32 PM
  19. ARWestenberger's Avatar
    The lock screen should have more features, like the weather, a pop up of text messages and for BBM! There is so much more they could do with the lock screen!

    Posted via CB10 with Blackberry Z10
    The last thing I want is to have happen is to have my texts or emails pop up or show up on my lock screen. That's one of the best features of BlackBerry, no one can randomly see your messages unless you show them or hand them the device.

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    06-11-13 10:34 PM
  20. DStLouis's Avatar
    1- Tweek the contact apps for more transparent "Local contact" management
    2- Tweek the Peek to the hub gesture. Always show the top of hub in the Peek to Hub Gesture, then, let's say at around 75% off the swipe to right gesture progressively fade it back to where we left it.
    3- Replace the Notification On/Off on the top parameter drop menu by a cycling thru all possible notifications mode.
    4- Add the current date, battery level %, carrier/wi-fi name under the top bar during the Peek Gesture. So they could be available from anywhere by a simple partial swipe up gesture
    5- From the hub add phone call informations (like what's available thru the phone apps; time, duration...) when taping on a logged phone call (or missed call) with options to call back.
    6- Multiple clock alarm
    7- Extend the use of side bezel for "back" and "next" actions (in browser, ...)
    8- Add (or combine) text messaging within BBM. Making group discussions with BBM and Non-BBM contact possible [well maybe in OS11 for that one]
    8- Improve the calculator app by easily transfert the last answer to the converter (or tips), ..and the converted value back in the calculator when done
    9- No longer duplicate contact phone number for call and SMS. This became confusing which phone number you really have (home, office, cell, fax...). Simply have both icons or a selection pop up.
    10- Unblock the 6MB file attachments limits in email.
    11- Allow option for simple PIN lock screen

    12- Improve integration of Skype contact within the contact apps. Allowing direct opening of Skype contact chat/call box.

    --> 13- Add the BlackBerry/TAT concept "3D Eyetracking UI".
    So shutting off eventual sale speech that I foresee Apple will be claiming big and high that you should by the iPhone because that attractive feature.

    New features

    14- Be able to Peek to top of Hub while reading or creating a message or an email. It's frequent that I'm receiving message while reading or typing a new email/message (maybe not that important). Other then the notification icons (from bottom swipe), presently there is no other way then to save it and return to the main hub to have a peek to what just arrived. Many times it is just not important and I simply lot the focus on what I was reading or typing.
    --> Has suggested on my item list "2" the "tweeked Peek Gesture" should also apply within the Hub & Sub-Hub message, so at any time I could have a Peek to incoming messages, and return to what I was doing seconds before. Then decide if I finish typing my new message or saved it and addres the new incoming.

    15- Be able to go to previous or next message when reading new message.

    16- For the Z10, be able to use and/or "Pin" the virtual keyboard in the hub, home screen,... then have access to keyboard shortcuts. This will way we could almost get all the bests feature of the Q10 and the Z10
    in a single device.

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    Last edited by DStLouis; 06-13-13 at 10:03 AM. Reason: Added items 14 , 15 & 16
    06-11-13 10:53 PM
  21. dale-c's Avatar
    I just want it to be smooth on my Z10 it's laggy as ****, keep 60fps everywhere not only when you swipe between app pages on home screen, frame rate is dropping all the time, and I'm getting tired.
    What are you talking about?

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    06-11-13 10:55 PM
  22. dale-c's Avatar
    1, speed dials from the home screen.
    2, search for settings like before, such as to get the exact battery level.
    3, built in support for audiobooks with bookmarking and support for audible drm.
    4, an epub reader with support for adobe digital editions. BBRY could make a natibe app compatible witj Sony, Kobo and public libraries as well as google books.
    5, built in podcast app.

    For tmobile I hope they get wifi calling working asap. I am not sure if that is more of a TMobile thing or blackberry to develope.

    I am only focusing on what BBRY can control. Third party apps are another thing, though I have what I need for now.

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    06-11-13 11:05 PM
  23. dale-c's Avatar
    I would like to automatic bedside mode again.the new bedside mode is great but getting to it is not.

    Before I had my torch set to go to bedside mode anytime I plugged it in after 10 pm
    For a first generation device, it is great.

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    06-11-13 11:09 PM
  24. DStLouis's Avatar

    4) The ability to edit what is actually displayed in the HUB. So what I mean by that is, not just shutting off the notification of a profile or account but actually removing the field being displayed. I don't use Gtalk all the time, so why have it displayed on the hub as a field all the time?

    If I'm not mistaking it is already there.

    ->when in the Hub >tap the 3dot > settings >Hub management > set to off your Gtalk account

    You should get the notifications for new messages but it won't show up in the Hub. Swipe to the right the Hub and you still see were it came from and could access them by selecting your Gtalk account right there

    Posted via CB10
    06-11-13 11:13 PM
  25. mathking606's Avatar
    3D Maps, better Voice Control and for the love of god screw link and bring in a proprietary cloud service like ICloud.
    06-11-13 11:43 PM
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